8 Balls and you’re out! - A blagh by an unemployed wiffleball pitcher - Issue #2

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The world turned upside-down last Sunday. Not because of another record breaking extra inning game with Clubber Lang and Alcoholics Anonymous on the green field, but because the Blandsford Barnburners dropped not one, but two important games. Scared Hitless dealt the Barnburners their first, non forfeit, loss of their franchise. Jake Tomko was warned and then tossed off the mound in the first inning while their #2 Collin Gannon had his first warning in the bottom of the 1st; he was tossed out an inning later. Hitless brought the offense by putting the ball in play and creating runs on errors through the incredibly thick grass of Gravely Point. In the Barnburners second game, they played Fear and Loathing on the Base Path. Problems arose early as the Barnburners pitchers Tomko and Gannon were tossed early. F&L’s pitcher, Joe “Randy Johnson” Thaman, did not really dominate the pitching aspect, but he used his finesse to get the job done giving up one run on 6 hits and 8 K’s. The fireworks started when F&L’s big bat Marc “McGuire” Nicholson dominated on the offense going 2 for 5 with 2 dingers. “Hopefully we can get all our losses out in one weekend” stated one of the Shannon brothers who both went a total of 2 for 14 on Sunday.

The Barnburners are now 6-2 and have dropped from the first place in the central division to first place in the wild card. Brosephorous Rex is in first but it seems like anything can happen in the division as Fear and Loathing and Mr Partty’s Waggle are only 2 games out of the wild card. This this extremely tough division to be in and every team here has talent and should not be taken lightly. Expect the Barnburners to overcome their two losses with two wins this weekend. And look forward to the brothers to belting a few…and then each other.

The west division is a different story, quite a train wreck if you may. It looks like the Posse will not make the playoff cut for another year. Its ok, we all never saw the Tampa Bay Rays get to the World Series and after 10+ seasons it happened. Don’t worry Posse, your time will come. Masterbatters are leading the division by one game and Alcoholics Anonymous is trailing with Clubber Lang by a game. The tiebreaker in the west would be redonkluous to explain, so we I will not get into it. And if you are going to have a game with the alcoholics being your opposing team or umpires or there is a good chance your games will be going 30+ innings. The unfortunate thing here is that the second place in this division will not hold a wild card spot.

The eastern division is quite lopsided as three teams are below .500 and one team is undefeated. Scared Hitless has another tough week as they are going to play Clubber Lang, who has posed a problem to them in the past, and Fear and Loathing who came off that big win against the Barnburners. Hopefully umpires will show up this time and do their duty in all the games this weekend. To be honest, it’s quite fun being an umpire. You can scout other teams, make important calls (that sometimes you do not see), and even do my favorite thing PUNCH PEOPLE OUT when they strike out looking! Oh man, what a rush…

I apologize for no blog in the prior week but I was called down to Florida by the man himself, Tim Wakefield. He heard about my wiffle knuckler so he wanted me to show him. We had a few strawberry daiquiris maybe a mojito or 2. Delicious.

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