Ford 0, Destiny 2 (or, a hit is a hit)

Written by - Posted 2010-09-03 15:08 in Blog

Minutes after he lost a Player of the Week award that he had at one time led in the voting by 71%, Brian Ford got more bad news.

Commissioner Gallaway announced that after reviewing the video from Ford’s shutout against Clubber Lang during Week 4 that he would not overturn the scoring decision made at the time leaving the game as a 1-hitter, not a no-hitter.

“At all times we should strive for perfection, no matter how impossible to obtain,” Gallaway stated. “If a scoring decision made at the time is wrong, we will fix it. The game deserves that. However, in this case, the video tape review is not conclusive in a manner that would convince me to overturn the decision the scorer made at the time of the play.”

The game was scored by Alex Filides, of NWO. The hit in question came in the 8th inning of what would be a 10 inning game. Ford was perfect for 20 of 21 batters, including the 12 he would normally face in a regulation game. His offense let him down though and didn’t score until the bottom of the 10th inning.

Ford was unable to be reached for comment as his 8-track was in the middle of changing from “Army of One” to “Dirt”.

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