PLAYOFFS: Varmints Forfeit Last 4 Games; Hitless Clinches Without Winning

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The Flea Bitten Varmints have announced they won’t be able to finish the season and are forfeiting their final four games. After a record breaking perfect start to the season’s first four weeks, with no forfeits, things have fallen apart post Labor Day. The Varmints join Clubber Lang as the the only two teams in the league’s 11 season history who didn’t finish the season.

The Varmints forfeit to Scared Hitless allowed them to clinch the Eastern Division and eliminate the The Gnats from postseason contention.

The four teams making the playoffs are now set, though there are games left for seeding.

Current Postseason Seeding

  • #1 – Central Division: Superman’s Wheelchair (11-1)
  • #2 – Western Division: NWO (10-2)
  • #3 – Eastern Division: Scared Hitless (9-3)
  • #4 – Wild Card: Master Batters (9-2)

The Master Batters and NWO are fighting each other for the Western Division crown. The runner up still makes the playoffs as the Wild Card, but gets the #4 seed as a result, even if they have a better record than the other teams.

Some predictions:

  • Wheelchair faces Waddle and Master Batters. Expect them to win both to clinch the #1 seed at 13-1.
  • NWO will face Scared Hitless and Master Batters. Going to be tough and a real test for them heading into the playoffs. They’ll split, and it could go either way, but let’s assume they lose to Hitless and beat the Batters, finishing up at 11-3.
  • Scared Hitless has a gimme game against the Gnats…maybe…if Nick can keep his girfriend from coming. And will knock off NWO, putting them 11-3, in a tie with NWO for the #2 seed. Which, since we’re predicting they beat them, they’ll get and force NWO to the #3 seed.
  • Master Batters have three games left, against Waddle, and two playoff teams NWO and Superman’s Wheelchair. They’ll beat Waddle, but lose to NWO and Wheelchair, putting them at 10-4, a true #4 seed, not just because of the Wild Card.

If that happens, or something similar does, it’s the Master Batters at Superman’s Wheelchair in the first DCS. It’s always fun to play a team 3, or maybe 4 times in a row at the end of the season. Wheelchair seems the favorite, but is clearly untested this season. They could easily get upset, especially by the scrappy Master Batters who will end up playing at least three more games than Wheelchair did this season, against a much tougher Division. Put your money on Wheelchair though. They have all the tools and multiple threats.

The other likely series is NWO at Scared Hitless. Or vice versa depending on how their end of the season matchup goes. NWO relies on Alex Filides to win it on the mound and at bat. Giving up .87 runs a game, and personally scoring 1.25 runs a game. Despite his break with Tony Ragano, Filides is using the Ragano school of strategy on this one. A strategy that failed to win a World Series three seasons in a row. It will once again fail this time. The three game series is still short enough that bad luck or just barely getting by can save you, but Filides can’t hold Hitless to .87 runs a game for 18 consecutive innings. And, his team can’t score. Hitless advances from this one.

That means Scared Hitless makes their second consecutive run at a World Series only to be outmatched in the final contest. Wheelchair won the only match-up this season, 5-0 over Hitless but that was way back in Week 1. They also beat Hitless the only other time they played, during Spring 2010 by a score of 3-0, with Thaman 3-hitting them. This year it was a Joe Thaman 1-hitter with two dinger effort that hurt the ERA of Hitless’s best pitcher, DiCrosta from the get go. Normally Hitless runs Ford until his mental game goes to shit, then brings in DiCrosta. That strategy isn’t going to work here. It will take three games, but Wheelchair should roll over this one.

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