HOT STOVE: Spring 2011

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March 30Current Players and Teams

  • WE NEED FREE AGENTS! Sign Up Today
  • We’re 24 hours from the teams, divisions and schedules being finalized before Opening Day this Sunday.
  • 16, er, 17 teams are signed up, going to be the biggest season ever.

March 29

  • Two more NEW TEAMS sign up today, putting us at 16. All teams need four PAID players by Thursday to be included for the season.
  • Free Agents should still sign up and will get assigned to teams.

March 28

  • Brian “Pez Dispenser” Ford announces his un-retirement and return to Scared Hitless at Spring Training. You pull back his arm and runs come out.
  • Our 6th new team, DC Twits, and 14th overall (yikes!) signs up.

March 25

  • Still waiting for some key talent to sign contracts for the Spring and for teams under the minimum to solidify their rosters.
  • Rumors going around that Barnburners and NWO may be discussing a merger.

March 23

  • 14 possible teams signed up now, but not with full rosters. Commissioner Gallaway to begin conversations with managers and free agents to fill up rosters and avoid forfeits.

March 13

  • The Gnats are returning, but are looking for a new name.
  • Alex Filides picked up a strike board to start off season drills in the privacy of his own cell.
  • Brian Ford has starting drunk dialing league members in hopes of putting together a squad.

March 8

  • Another new team signs up, putting us at the ideal 12 teams. Contraction talks may begin soon.

March 5

  • MAJOR ROSTER MOVES THIS WEEK. Two new teams sign up, we’re at 11 now. The last two world series winners confirm they’ll be back as Superman’s Wheelchair and the Blandsford Barnburners sign up.

March 2

  • Second new team for Spring Ha’chi Mountaineers fills up their roster today.
  • Half the team spots are filled.

Feb 28

  • Scared Hitless returns despite losing O’Goofy and Phord to retirement last season. The vastly improved team (with no additions) should be 300-400% better than last year’s team.
  • It’s not just cold out, it’s Penguin weather. Mr. Party’s Waddle signs up for another tour.

Feb 23

  • First new team of the season Zero Point Zero has registered. The name is a reference to their expected team slugging percentage.

Feb 17

  • Registration is open and Alex Filides is the first player to register; staying with returning World Series runners up NWO after flirting with other teams. Don’t let this news stop you from registering!
  • In other NWO news, it looks like a small upgrade at catcher with Craig Mann (SLG .643), formerly of Flea Bitten Varmints, replacing Jon Godfrey (SLG .321)

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