The Filides Forecast: Round 1 Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Hai’chi wins series 2-0.

This is an easy call, especially with William McNally out for the playoffs. Not that McNally was Greg Maddux on the mound this season, but this just magnified their pitching troubles. The other decent offensive player is Michael Burns. Burns can’t do it by himself and with Kovach on the mound, he’s going to need a lot of help. Hai’chi have the Johnson brothers on offense, Tinisi can also make contact and put the ball in play. Though the Moutaineer’s aren’t the best offensive team in the league by far, they should be able to score a sufficient amount of runs against the Suns Out pitching staff. Even if Kovach gets ejected, Johnson coming in relief should be enough to shut them down. Just for Suns Out’s sake, they should hope for consistent steady wind blowing in from the outfield this weekend.

  • First Game: Hai’chi 5 Suns Out Guns Out 0
  • Second Game: Hai’chi Mountaineers 3 Suns Out Guns Out 0

Canvassers win 2-1.

The Canvasser’s have struggled at times offensively this season. O’s ace Dembnicki won’t make it any easier for them. However, the key to this series is whether Dembnicki can stay in the game. The Canvasser’s have an adequate enough pitching staff to shut down the O’s feeble offense, only one guy batting over .235 for them. If Dembnicki gets tossed, they don’t stand much of a chance. We think the Canvasser’s will pick up the offensive workload in the postseason. Assuming Dembnicki stays in for all 3 games, the Canvasser’s will most likely figure him out. Canvasser’s have a huge edge at the first base position. The Canvasser’s pitchers have a tendency to leave the ball up in the zone often, and will need to be careful here, especially if Dembnicki manages to stay in the game. Canvasser’s will figure out Dembnicki sooner or later with Kris Garcia, Anthony Morin, Nick West and Daniel Bessette in the lineup.

  • First Game: Canvassers 2 My O’s Face 1
  • Second Game: My O’s Face 1 Canvassers 0
  • Third Game: Canvassers 3 My O’s Face 0

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