Second Strike Board Dies This Week

Written by - Posted 2012-04-30 18:50 in Blog

For the second time in league history a strikeboard has been killed.

Joseph Zarobila of the Moose Knuckles is guilty of the murder. You can follow him at @CokeyJoe024 on Twitter in case you doubt the conviction.

It proved to be the game winning run in the game, but as you can see by watching the videos of the two events, the Moose Knuckles don’t have anywhere near the style that Mr. Party’s Waddle did in Spring 2011. ( Strike Board Gets Waddled )

4/5/2011 – Mr. Party’s Waddle battled the Sex Panthers for three extra innings before winning the game on this walk off single. James Lenihan was scoring from second base no matter what and the strike board was simply in the way.

Lenihan now plays for 7th Linning Stretch.

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