He's Baaaaaack! Filides Returns

Written by - Posted 2012-08-27 22:54 in Blog

Alex Filides, the most hated person in the history of the Potomac Wiffleball League is coming back.

After weeks, which seemed like days to all of us, away from both the PWL and the national capital region, Filides is bringing back his…well, whatever it is he has.

In a shocking move he’s spending the rest of this season with arch rival Scared Hitless. It’s dogs and cats living together kids, the end can’t be far away.

The next thing you know Dreyfus and DiCrosta will leave Scared Hitless to join the Canvassers and win their only World Championship rings of their long careers. Strange stuff is going on here folks. Buy a helmet.

The complete statement issued by Scared Hitless:


Scared Hitless agreed to terms today with free agent Alex Filides on a one-season contract. A physical will not be conducted.

Despite being on the opposite ends of an often heated rivalry, circumstances had developed where the two sides could each satisfy a need. Hitless had recently purchased the contract of Ryan May from Triple-A Gaithersburg, but still found the roster woefully thin.

“I know we’ve had bad blood in the past, but we are all veterans with the same goal – to win a championship” stated Hitless manager, Matt Dreyfus. “It may be strange at first, but I’m confident we will be a better club for the remainder of the season – especially if this move prevents me from ever pitching again.”

Contact details are still emerging, but early word is Filides will be expected to comply with Hitless’ uniform code of wearing a t-shirt.

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