The Filides Forecast: World Series Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Barnburners vs. Superman’s Wheelchair

Barnburners wins series 2-0

The new looks Barnburners with their pitching rotation has really flourished this season. It makes it difficult for any team to have an offensive game plan going against a 4 man pitching rotation. The Barnburners have had their strongest season by far, both offensively and on the mound.

Joe Thaman is Wheelchair’s top ace and arguably the best pitcher in the PWL. The key to the success of Wheelchair is Thaman being able to throw his drop/curve over for a strike, if he has that pitch working, he’s going to be very difficult to hit. He doesn’t always have to throw it for a strike, but it will get the Barnburners hitters thinking.

At times, it’s been tough to figure out what Wheelchair will do offensively against any particular team, sometimes they have good days and not so good days at the plate as a team.

There is no question the Barnburners are the best hitting team in the league. Have they seen Thaman enough times to be able to figure him out? Thaman will need to change speeds while throwing low and away strikes to have success.

Wheelchair offensively is led by Thaman and first baseman, Chris Keeven. Both are strong hitters and can lead the charge by themselves. Todd Ogg has some pop and can hit for average.

The Barnburners are young and strong and can most likely recover from playing back to back days, although Wheelchair has a young team as well, but may be tired from playing back to back, we’ll see. Wind is also blowing out on both fields, in addition to having home field advantage strongly favors the Barnburners.

As crazy and as far out there as this sounds, it is my belief that if Thaman can hold the Barnburners to 0 runs then Wheelchair will win the game. It took me a while to think about it and it’s a gamble but I’m willing to sacrifice my reputation by making such a statement. The guys on Wheelchair are really a great group of people, however with all due respect the Barnburners are the #1 team in the nation and have looked solid with no flaws to their game. In the past, this writer had question if they had really deserved to be the #1 team in the country, however after watching them this season it is definitely worth the argument.

Barnburners (keys to the game)

  • playing their game and staying loose.
  • pitching aggressively in the zone, knowing they have solid backups.
  • DiCrosta distracting them with his fine commentary.
  • see above

Wheelchair (keys to the game)

  • Thaman being able to throw his drop/curve for a strike.
  • Thaman changing speeds, thowing low and away and mixing up pitches, maybe adding a new pitch.
  • Holding the Barnburners to a single on hits.

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