Who's On First?: Week 1 Wrap-up

Written by - Posted 2015-04-20 12:23 in Blog

Week 1 is in the books and while the wind was a significant factor, it was mostly business as usual at Gravelly. Top teams were able to grind out wins, illustrating again that the margin between contender and pretender is small but well defined. The biggest news was the lack of news as none of the new teams gave any of the old guard reason to worry.

  • The highlight of the day was definitely the Garbage Plates’ new mascot, Trashy. They have firmly secured the rare combination of best logo, best mascot and largest roster without posing any offensive threat whatsoever
  • Janitors played three innings and came out with a 2-0 record and +11 run differential, impressive in its own right. Looks like Besley has new unis, a new player and are still building for that 2021 World Series
  • Gumballers narrowly escaped two upset bids, keeping them on track for a high seed and first round playoff exit
  • Game of the week featured the Shannons kicking off their pursuit of the home run record at the expense of the Moose Knuckles, much to everyone’s delight. Gagnon last spotted fleeing the Point clutching the Commissioner’s trophy Shooter McGavin style

Looking ahead to Week 2 the Gumballers and Twits play both their games against strong playoff contenders. Expect to see the Moose Knuckles work their way into the all important top six but the real question is will anyone else step up? Still early but the playoff field looks very familiar, are anyone other than the Moose Knuckles a postseason threat?

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