Who's On First?: Week 4 Wrap-up

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We’ve rounded the midway point so let’s check in with our preseason predictions -

The Promise – “Every day it just gets harder to live the dream you’re believing in…”

  • Preseason – Garbage Plates, Pitch Perfect, Backdoor Sliders, Besley Bashers, Master Batters, Dupont Circle Jerks
  • Current – Garbage Plates, Pitch Perfect, Backdoor Sliders, Besley Bashers, Master Batters, Bald Beavers, One Hit Wonders

Only the Dupont Circle Jerks have nudged their way out of the cellar, certainly due to dropping their skinny bat warm ups. The Master Batters have an argument based on record but they are getting soundly beat by everyone not in this group so we can’t move them out. Four teams in here have combined for two wins, nice.

Dancing in the Dark – “There’s something happening somewhere baby I just know that there is…”

  • Preseason – Bald Beavers, Chicken and Wiffle, One Hit Wonders
  • Current – Dupont Circle Jerks, Chicken and Wiffle

Tempting to put the DC Twits in here but they’ve played the meat of their schedule and we’re softies for teams that have won a World Series more recently than the Barnburners. We will eat some crow on the OHW and BB calls, who knew Sam Smith was going to ask 37 new guys over 37 who have never played to show up every week?

Glory Days – “Sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory…”

  • Preseason – Canvassers, Gumballers, Janitors, Moose Knuckles
  • Current – DC Twits, Gumballers, Janitors, Moose Knuckles

Things are going pretty much as expected here with tight games when these folks play each other. The Canvassers have proven the most consistent offensive threat to bump them into the top tier and contending for the crucial first round bye. Lots of games among these teams remain but expect to see everyone except the Twits in the postseason.

Born to Run – “Highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive…”

  • Preseason – Wolfpack, DC Twits, Blandsford Barnburners
  • Current – Canvassers, Wolfpack, Blandsford Barnburners

At this point nobody could object to the Barnburners being moved into a class of their own as they have demolished almost everyone and clinched a playoff berth likely two weeks before anyone else. Wolfpack have yet to put together a complete game against anyone but the hapless Garbage Plates though they caught a break against a depleted Canvassers team for what could be a critical head to head victory. The bye will be important not only for one less round to avoid an upset but to avoid the Barnburners path to the final Sunday.

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