Who's On First?: Playoff Preview #1

Written by - Posted 2015-05-28 23:25 in Blog

We’ve got two weeks left of regular season play in the Gallaway Era and things COULD get interesting playoffs wise. Not that they will but they could. In order of predicted finish here we go -

The Field –

Barnburners – Win out and they’re the #1 seed. Due to some interesting schedule maneuvering by the Commish they only have two games left. It’s not impossible to see them being apathetic/hungover enough to fall to a motivated Wolfpack team Sunday morning but we’re not sure they really care if they do. Why would they in the grand scheme of things?

Wolfpack – Somehow have the inside track to a first round bye despite their entire season being out-homered by Bryce Harper in a decent week. Finally catch a break and return to their desired Green field (it matters people) for a showdown with the Barnburners. Even if they lose they’ll be favored in the rest of their games as Nitto admits to losing sleep over their lefty bats. Have to play those pesky Circle Jerks and their sweet quads again but our money says they’ll be a focused team the rest of the way and start to look like what we expected preseason.

Canvassers – The plus side of having the Gumballers in the division is they avoid them Round 1. An offensive juggernaut so far it’s likely they take back their division by sweeping the last two weeks and watching the
Gumballers lose one.

Moose Knuckles – Something hasn’t looked right all year for these perennial contenders but they should still see the postseason. They’ll need Andrew Flowers to stop getting so torched (his term, shocking it hasn’t caught yet) on Saturdays and revert back to this .480, RBI smashing self to make any noise though.

Gumballers – Huge win over the Canvassers could have them sneak into the #2 seed but they have two tough games remaining. Should go 3-1 and find a way to lose to the Moose Knuckles in the first round despite being the vastly better team. Maybe being a lower seed breaks the curse?

Janitors – Quietly winning most of their games while scaring nobody, unless you count the innocent children of Gravelly ducking Felix Fernandez’s chalk and bat tantrums. Gagnon owns them so it looks like they’re heading for a first round matchup with the Canvassers.

Jusssssssssst a bit outside –

DC Twits – We’ve covered them enough, they just needed to win one game against a playoff team and didn’t do it. Carry on.

Chicken and Wiffle – So they beat the Gumballers but losing to the One Hit Wonders aka the Who the F Are All Those People on the Bench-ers has them on the outside looking in. Too bad really, would have been really fun to have them trying to unseat the old guard and make the first playoff appearance in franchise history.

Dupont Circle Jerks – Everyone’s favorite protein gobblers have kept every game close but likely need another bat to really contend. Can still disrupt everything by beating the Wolfpack in their finale to sweep the season series and send Adriano into rehab.

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