Who's On First?: Week 6 Wrap-up

Written by - Posted 2015-06-01 15:37 in Blog

Interesting week in the books and an even more interesting one coming. Hopefully Commish-elect Hudson keeps the league running better than his offense in Week 7.

  • Moose Knuckles showed some life as Flowers clearly read the papers and responded with a big day against the division rival Janitors to put them on the brink of the postseason.
  • The much anticipated Barnburners/Wolfpack matchup turned into a one run snooze fest that leaves neither team particularly satisfied. Wolfpack have a tough final stretch to get a bye but control their destiny.
  • Gumballers have rattled off six straight, led by Nitto’s MVP worthy performance on the mound and at the plate. More on them below.
  • Besley Bashers won a game! According to the website they did so with two players but we knew something had to be up for them to post a W.
  • Garbage Plates notched their third win and have four teams below them in the standings, likely the high water mark for the franchise thus far. Definitely a direct result of free agent Trashy signing with the team.

Now let’s get into the playoff scenarios –

  • Barnburners are the 1 seed, congrats on an undefeated season and Gallaway mysteriously moving you to Blue as the homerun century mark came into play. Between that and Gallaway officiating your only big game of the season we now know he is retiring to run Sepp Blatter’s office.
  • Wolfpack take both games they’re the 2 seed. Lose one or both and it gets complicated for others but they are at worst a 3 seed.
  • Janitors need to win one and they’re in but rumor has Kevin Higman out so maybe Trashy has one more week of magic in him. They are the playoff linchpin and if they lose two….
  • Then the Dupont Circle Jerks could make the playoffs! They would of course have to sweep the season series with the Wolfpack but hey, they’re halfway there. This where you make an awful Bon Jovi joke.
  • Gumballers take two and it likely comes down to run differential with the Canvassers as they split the season series. They have to get past the Wolfpack first but if they do but both teams are both +37 so that could be fun to watch. Both play bad teams in their second game but the Gumballers play the Garbage Plates on Blue.
  • Moose Knuckles win their only game and they’re division champs, likely the #4 seed. Lose to the Backdoor Sliders and it creates a mess we don’t want to decipher. We’re going to assume they win.
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