Who's On First?: Week 7 Wrap-up

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The 2015 Spring season is in the books and as advertised, things got interesting on the final day. Not necessarily in a good for wiffle ball as a sport way but interesting. Big thanks for Commisioner elect Hudson keeping things moving and even umpiring a game.

  • The Moose Knuckles kicked off Seeding Sunday in the most Moose Knuckle way possible. Needing pretty much just to show up they forfeited their only game to the Backdoor Sliders, the same Backdoor Sliders that lost 5-2 to powerhouse Besley Bashers later. Great work guys.
  • Not to be outdone their division rival Janitors gave up 19, yes 19, runs to a Canvassers squad missing Garcia and Dreyfus. Hackeman hit 4, yes 4, yes THAT Hackeman, home runs and brought his ERA down to 12.00 in capturing his first win of the season.
  • Rather than clinch their division outright, the Canvassers promptly lost to the Bald Beavers of then -29 run differential and 2 win fame. My head hurts.
  • Because that isn’t enough about halfway through the day the DC Twits, Chicken and Wiffle and Dupont Circle Jerks were looking at potential play in games for the playoffs. All they needed was Trashy to come through…
  • And he almost did. The Janitors held off the Garbage Plates 2-1 to secure their division and avoid a gaggle of really fun tiebreakers that could have had a team looking at 7-8 potential games next Sunday. Too bad really because who knows what might have happened.
  • In more normal news the Wolfpack rode Chris Keeven coming in on only the second batter to throw 7 strong innings against the Gumballers. A razor sharp Nitto was mowing wolves down before succumbing to the wind, allowing the Wolfpack to get two across and grab the coveted first round bye. Pretty easy to see a rematch on tap for Sunday afternoon.
  • The Gumballers did however secure the 3 seed thanks to the Canvassers having the stability of a Kardashian, run ruling the Garbage Plates in their second game to grab the division on the smallest run differential margin possible.
  • Besley Bashers ended the game on a three game win streak and for what feels like the 19th straight season emphatically point out they lost 6 one run games. Right on the cusp again fellas, staying the course will definitely get you to the promised land.
  • Shout out to the Dupont Circle Jerks for tweaking their roster and actually making strides this season. There are 5 veteran teams below you in the standings that could use some of your wisdom

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, June 21st and come say goodbye to Gallaway. There are a couple new events on tap in addition to usual free food and end of the year activities. Details coming soon.

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