Who's On First?: Division Championship Series Playoff Preview

Written by - Posted 2015-06-19 22:26 in Blog

While the highlight of the playoffs very well might turn out to be the outgoing Commissioner referring to a meathead Park Police officer as the signature piece of male anatomy, we’ve still got three series left of wiffle to play. At least the Barnburners weren’t there to touch themselves over his vascularity.

DCS 1: Gumballers @ Wolfpack –

  • Teams met on the blustery final day of the regular season where the Wolfpack squeezed by in extras
  • Adriano didn’t make it out of the first that day, an advantage for a pitcher who has more usable pitches in his arsenal than any other in the league. The Gumballers haven’t seen those pitches since a shutout loss last August.
  • But if the wind is blowing as it has been this season, Nitto is the pitcher your team wants on the mound. With the field TBD this could be critical.
  • Both teams will have star hitters that were missing from their regular season matchup with Nick West and Don McClintock expected to report. We know the Wolfpack welcome West in but would the Gumballers take no McClintock and a smaller lineup if it meant not facing West? They at least have to think about it while the Wolfpack don’t even consider if the offer was reversed.

Verdict – Wolfpack in 3. You could argue for both sides as Nitto is having an MVP caliber season while the Wolfpack have struggled at times to score runs. Give the slight advantage in a close series to the team with three lefty hitters, the better backup pitcher and championship experience. Just don’t stake your life on it.

DC 2: Moose Knuckles @ Barnburners

  • Teams met in Week 2 of the regular season with the Barnburners taking it 5-1
  • Moose Knuckles showed some heart in thumping the Canvassers in the only game they actually had to play but it’s hilarious to bet on Matt Gagnon hitting two home runs a game. Beyond hilarious in fact.
  • Colin Gannon has been arguably the best pitcher this year, adding a not really needed but always nice to have dimension to the Barnburners.

Verdict – Barnburners in 2. There really isn’t much else to write, we give the Moose Knuckles full credit for their first round win but the run stops here. They are simply outmatched the plate, on the mound and in the field.

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