Who's On First?: Season Recap

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Congratulations to the 6 time World Champion Blandsford Barnburners, they were the best team wire to wire this season and deserved the trophy. Before everyone starts ditching old alliances to form new super teams in Ohio let’s see how our preseason calls stacked up.

The Promise – “Every day it just gets harder to live the dream you’re believing in…”

Garbage Plates
Pitch Perfect
Backdoor Sliders
Besley Bashers
Dupont Circle Jerks
Master Batters

Let’s give credit to the Dupont Circle Jerks, the only cellar dweller to successfully retool and make strides. They were in playoff contention with just hours to go in the regular season and we look forward to seeing if they get over the hump this summer. Everyone else in this group well you are who we thought you were. Not really a good thing.

Dancing in the Dark – “There’s something happening somewhere baby I just know that there is…”

Bald Beavers
Chicken and Wiffle
One Hit Wonders

The One Hit Wonders managed to win three games despite have a -59 run differential so there is that? Otherwise they and the Bald Beavers were pretty terrible. Chicken and Wiffle had a sniff at the playoffs but fell just short, they are another team that should contend for the dance this summer especially if some of the old guard retires.

Glory Days – “Sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory…”

Moose Knuckles

Now we get to the playoff contenders and sure enough, everyone in this group made it but fell short of the World Series. The Canvassers showed flashes of a scary offense but struggled to put their full squad on the field and word has Gallaway’s pet franchise calling it quits. Moose Knuckles showed heart in taking the Barnburners to three games but their lack of offense did them in. The Janitors got one third of a season from Higman and a full season of Fernandez, they should try switching that if they want to really contend. Gumballers did Gumballer things in winning a lot before losing early, will this be the offseason they shake things up?

Born to Run – “Highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive…”

Blandsford Barnburners
DC Twits

Twits, we hate you, you are like the girl we bragged about hooking up with all summer then you show up twenty pounds heavier at Christmas and all your friends make fun for porking a fatty. We were spot on about the other two as the Barnburners defeated the Wolfpack in the World Series, proving once again you can get away with most anything if you have half of the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees at the top of the order. The question is where do we go from here? The Barnburners claim to be done as a franchise but available as free agents, but will they actually care about the games? The Wolfpack were one win away from potentially launching a dynasty but now face a serious identity crisis and looming retirements. Last year the league’s balance of power shifted in Ohio, it isn’t farfetched to expect more of the same for the summer season.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the end of year festivities and come say goodbye to Gallaway. If you ever wondered how players in the league know each other it’s through events like this. So if you are interested in joining a new team, getting some exercise or just meeting some people, come out and get your last wiffle fix until August. We’ll play some pickup wiffle, have new skills competitions, everyone can enter the home run derby and the food is free. Stay tuned to Facebook for further details, we’ll see you there.

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