Around the League: Week 1 Recap (Summer 2015)

Written by - Posted 2015-08-17 13:52 in Blog

The Hudson Era kicked off smoothly at Ossian Hill Park no thanks to the two scorers who called out last minute, thanks a lot guys. Seven of the eight games were shutouts, unofficially the highest percentage in PWL history. Early reports have the pitchers praising the “fair” conditions and the stats would seem to agree. Let’s break down what else we saw at the new digs.

- The new team, old faces Jackhammers put on an offensive clinic though anyone that has ever watched wiffleball knows not to expect two homers out of Matt Gagnon every week.

- Connor Dierman threw the first perfect game at Ossian, shutting down the Garbage Plates but not before giving up 14 hits to the Wolfpack in an opening 8-0 loss. Parity anyone?

- DC Twits are 2-0 despite totaling 7 hits, 0 HRs and batting .259 against the possibly hapless Master Batters and Janitors. So nothing has changed in Twits-world.

- Circle Jerks got a whole week and two games on the mound without a Felix Fernandez meltdown so they’re playing with house money at this point. Jim Shannon provided the entire offensive boost he was signed for and none of the pitching prowess as he was ejected on his first batter. Nice.

- Tough day for the Master Batters, Garbage Plates and Higman-less Janitors. All veteran teams but in a smaller league one of them will have to beat up on the other two and pull a few upsets to secure a playoff berth.

What do we see after Week 1? Jackhammers and Wolfpack are the clear top 2 while Chicken and Wiffle, Circle Jerks and Twits will duke it out for the wild card spots. It’s only Week 1 and a lot can change, nobody really knows what tricks Ossian might still be hiding.

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