Wiffleball: DC's Next Big Thing

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From the desk of PWL New Media Director, Lead-off Batter for the Canvassers, three time Player of the Week, and 2007 All Star Tony Cani

Tonight at a holiday party, Commissioner Gallaway and I learned from an intern that the George Washington University intramural program offered a winter indoor wiffleball league.

After learning that the league did not keep any stats (pretty lame) but that they did run things similar to the London tournament our all-stars participated in, the commissioner and I decided we had to stop drinking, go see what was up, and see if we couldn’t recruit some new PWLers

Eager to learn how the university ran the league, which rules they employed, and how popular it was – the Commissioner and I headed to campus for the 10pm game.

Upon entry to the student rec center, we were asked to fill out some paperwork, show our ids, and provide a ten dollar guest paymernt each. We happily did so.

Once inside, we were interested in seeing how GW set up the field, dismayed to see a player warming up with a baseball glove on (though he did say later it was for intimidation purposes, and not for the actual game), excited to recruit new teams for our next season, and motivated to get some video and photos of it all to share with our league mates.

As soon as the camera was pulled out by yours truly – a man, identifying himself as “Professional Staff” of the intramural league asked if we were students, if we were allowed to be there, and if we had a “permit” to videotape.

After I replied “this is the commissioner of the Potomac Wiffleball League that is standing here” he seemed unfazed – and I knew we were in trouble.

A few radio communications between IM staff and their mysterious boss later, we learned the following:

  • We were going to be kicked out and refunded our money.
  • The game we were to watch was to be a forfeit, something 75% of GW IM games are according to the “professional staffer.”
  • Our PWL business cards did not carry as much authority with GWU staff as they should.
  • When the “Intramural Director” was asked if the policy not allowing us in to observe the games, despite being granted access by his staff, and showing up to highlight to positive aspects of their league was REASONABLE he proclaimed, “I don’t care if it is reasonable.”
  • Threatening the wrath of the Wackazoid did nothing to pursuade staff they were making a mistake.

So, we were kicked out.

Luckily, however, we were able to hand out several business cards in our 8 minutes in the gym – and potentially recruit a PWL “College Liason” to help us tap into the network of collegiate wiffleball players in DC.

Winter, especially in light of the Gravelly Point controversy , is long and hard for us hardcore wifflers. It is disappointing that such a sudden ray of hope was extinguished by the bureaucrats at GWU.

Maybe the video below will help you cope with the offseason.

UPDATE: The Commissioner has hacked the GWU mainframe in a move reminiscent of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (or maybe War Games) to get the official rules of GWU Wiffleball

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