The Commish: Predictions - Summer 2006

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Cocunut Cowboy – A great start for the yellow-shirted rooks, beating two teams which should have .500 or better seasons. Were they lucky, catching them off-guard and un-prepared on opening day? Or is their scoring and playing ability for real? Their manager, who by far and away had the best Week 1 performance, but was robbed of the POTW because only 2 of his team members voted, already has as many home runs as were hit in the entire last season by the home run champ. And only half of those came on Field 2 with the wind. They will fight with the Hot Sundaes, and stay tuned Week 3 when those two teams first tango, it will be a preview of the Division Championship Series. My money is that these rookies hang on, and win the division by a game. However, as the old Conway Twitty song goes, “don’t call him a cowboy, until you’ve seen him ride.” (1st place – 8 wins/2 losses)

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The Commish: Predictions - Spring 2006

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Hot Sundaes – largely a new team, but with some promise. Kevin Hyde is a solid player, if by solid, I mean, slightly below average. With only 5 extra base hits in ’05 Kevin knows you don’t have to hit the long ball to play this game. Look for the Hot Sundaes to middle-of-the-pack-it with Gabello’s Team and fight for second place in the division to make it to post-season. I think they’re going to want it more than Gabello’s Team, and in this game, sometimes heart will get you that extra run even though talent wouldn’t. (5 wins / 5 losses)

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Your opinion wanted?

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