Second Strike Board Dies This Week

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For the second time in league history a strikeboard has been killed.

Joseph Zarobila of the Moose Knuckles is guilty of the murder. You can follow him at @CokeyJoe024 on Twitter in case you doubt the conviction.

It proved to be the game winning run in the game, but as you can see by watching the videos of the two events, the Moose Knuckles don’t have anywhere near the style that Mr. Party’s Waddle did in Spring 2011. ( Strike Board Gets Waddled )

4/5/2011 – Mr. Party’s Waddle battled the Sex Panthers for three extra innings before winning the game on this walk off single. James Lenihan was scoring from second base no matter what and the strike board was simply in the way.

Lenihan now plays for 7th Linning Stretch.

Pitcher Rotation? (Innings Limit Rule)

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Since the addition of the strike board, even with the speed limit, pitchers have slowly started to gain the upper hand in the league. The Managers have adopted rules changes to try to curb the advantage, including moving the mound back three feet.

However, the imbalance still exists, especially for the “ace” of each team’s pitching staff. Throughout 2011 a discussion was had about limiting the number of innings that a pitcher could pitch. Many other leagues do this, to force a required rotation. In addition to increasing offense a little bit, it would add some additional strategy to the game and help emulate real baseball where you don’t get the ace every game.

Before the Summer 2011 season a rule for this almost passed. Rule changes require a 2/3 vote of the managers, and this rule failed by one vote, with one manager missing the call. (IE – 60% of the league supported it.)

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HOT STOVE: Is is April 15th Yet?

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4/4/2012 10:00 PMCurrent Teams and Players Signed Up

  • As of now we have 17 official teams, and 3 teams that are returning but need to fill their rosters. (Barnburners, NWO, Natty Brohs) Looks like it will be 20 for sure for the season, rumors are that the Commissioner has submitted the draft schedule to the Managers to review before next week’s call to finalize.
  • You WILL Have Brian Ford to Kick Around Again – The on-again off-again soap opera at Scared Hitless reached a peak this week as it was confirmed that Brian Ford is returning to the PWL this Spring with Hitless. A former Cy Young Winner, Ford has struggled in recent seasons, especially in critical playoff spots. Nicknamed the “Pez Dispenser”, (he pulls back his arm to pitch and runs come out) Ford has retired at least three times, quit on a couple of other occasions and sometimes misses games to go to Phish concerts. Despite drunken midnight phone calls to the Commissioner’s Office, he’s still welcome, as of now, in the PWL. Most especially by opposing batters. Slim just shot None in the head.

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The Filides Forecast: Round 1 Predictions

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About the Author: Alex Filides is the guy most of the league hates for no reason, and some of the league hates for very good reasons. He’s aggressive in the game, eats, sleeps and breathes wiffleball, and left the winning run in two postseason series stranded on third base.

Hai’chi wins series 2-0.

This is an easy call, especially with William McNally out for the playoffs. Not that McNally was Greg Maddux on the mound this season, but this just magnified their pitching troubles. The other decent…

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Forfeiting the Triple Crown

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Forfeits this weekend could possibly affect the outcome of the playoffs but are also making the Batting Triple Crown race more interesting.

Joe Thaman led in the three categories almost all season but a stand out performance from rookie William McNally of Suns Out Guns put Joe trailing by 70 points in Batting Average heading into the final week. McNally has no games this weekend, with both being forfeit wins. Thaman has one game, with one forfeit win for Wheelchair.

The Wheelchair game is against playoff hopefuls Sex Panthers. Thaman has been averaging 5.5 at bats per game this season. To raise his .541 to tie McNally’s .611, he’d need to go 11-for-11, and 12-for-12 for the outright lead. Both of those scenarios are unlikely with a single game, even if it went extra innings.

However, not all hope is lost for Thaman. McNally, who won’t get another at-bat, is sitting at 36 at-bats. The minimum to qualify for the regular season records is 3.1 AB’s per game, times the “forfeit factor”. Assuming we have no more forfeits besides the four we’ve already put on the books this weekend, we’ll end up playing 95 of the 112 scheduled games this season. That means to qualify for the stats this season, McNally would need to have 36.8 at-bats, which would round to 37.

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No Such Thing as Perfect

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With the four perfect games this past Sunday this season has now passed Spring 2009 for the most no-hitters in single season.

The ball display case at the PWL Hall of Fame has run out of room. Joe Thaman is considering giving his future perfect game balls to a recycling plant so the plastic can be used for other purposes.

There were only 49 games played in the Spring 2009 season, a no hitter every 6.1 games. With 15 games left to be played this season we’d need five this Sunday to beat the “per game” record. Given that we’ve gone three, three, four the last three weeks, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. And remember, that record was set without a strike board.

So, what’s the deal? Are the pitchers that much better? Are the hitters that much worse? Should we add an innings limit so teams have to use a pitching rotation? Do we need to make the strike board smaller? Move the mound back more? Add the dreaded W-word…walks? Ban Joe Thaman from the league?

The winter meetings this off-season will no doubt look for solutions to increase offense in 2012. After all, chicks dig the long ball.

2011 Summer10Gravelly Point.2803.35
2011 Spring6Gravelly Point.2873.32
2010 Summer4Gravelly Point.2742.91
2010 Spring4Gravelly Point.2742.93
2009 Summer5Ft. Reno.3155.57
2009 Spring8Ft. Reno.3157.11
2008 Summer2Ft. Reno.3528.88
2008 Spring0Ft. Reno.3259.18
2007 Summer0Gravelly Point.36310.59
2007 Spring1Gravelly Point.38110.30
2006 Summer0Gravelly Point.39110.10
2006 Spring2Gravelly Point.3969.04
2005 0Gravelly Point.43015.10

  • The mound was moved from 30’ to 33’ starting in 2011.
  • The strike board was introduced starting in 2010, prior to that the only strikes were swinging strikes.
  • The league rules from 2005 to 2010 stated that pitches must be “slow” and “have arc” on them. This was mostly followed from 2005-2008, then was ignored for four seasons, leading to the addition of the strike board, radar gun, and change to an official “medium” pitch speed league.

Tomko Congratulates Thaman On Breaking Record

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Jake Tomko, formerly of the Blandsford Barnburners, issued a statement today on Joe Thaman breaking his record for consecutive perfect innings pitched. Tomko set the record at 20 innings in Spring 2009, his rookie season.

Thaman came close to breaking the record this Spring, falling just a half an inning short at 19.5 innings.


Congrats to Joe Thaman on his impressive accomplishment.

I am proud of my rookie season record, but it seemed only a matter of time until Joe broke it. He’s continually one of the best pitchers out there and this helps solidify that.

The Barnburners will happily bring an end to any of Joe’s streaks and I hope I can one day take my record back, but until then all I have are my sincerest congratulations to Joe.

Tomko is expected to return for the Spring 2012 season.

Wiffler's Digest Magazine: Yep, It's a Real Thing

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In case you haven’t been following along in the wiffleball world we wanted to make sure you were checking out the new Wiffler’s Digest Magazine.

The second issue was just released online and we’re hosting PDF copies of both editions for you here. You can also see image files of the magazine online at their website.

Wiffler’s Digest Issues

As you can see the second issue features a story from Josh Smith about the London Wiffleball Tournament which we send teams to each year.

If you’re interested in submitting articles on behalf of the PWL, or content to the National Wiffleball League Association or even writing for this website, contact the Commish.

Are you Watching?

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We only really have video engagement data from the first two weeks of the season. But with the long break, we assumed some people might be catching up on their scouting.

Don't forget, just because a video with a team was watched, doesn't mean it was the team watching themselves. It could just be that EVERYONE else in the league wants to watch My O's Face play. 10+ hours worth.

TeamViewsViewed Minutes
My O's Face 75714
NWO 66599
ThunderCats 54410
Ha'chi Mountaineeers 46363
Janitors 47340
Garbage Plates 35258
Upskirt Fingerblasters 28257
Superman's Wheelchair 42249
Scared Hitless 29163
Canvassers 24138
DC Twits 18122
Suns Out Guns Out 20119
Biebs Feevs 12103
Have Fun Out Theres 1379
Master Batters 960
Sex Panthers 657
All Videos2622015.5

PWL Archives: Washington Post Feature

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Monday night’s game at Nationals Park was a semi-reunion of sorts for some PWL alums. Catching the game with the Commissioner were Tony Cani, the career leader in strikeouts (not the good kind as a pitcher), and the more well liked O’Grady, Kyle’s brother, Colin.

After the game the Commissioner bumped into Les Carpenter ( @lescarpenter ) who wrote the feature in the Post about the PWL in 2009.

Les left the Post shortly after the story (not as a result, we don’t think) and now works at YahooSports. He mostly writes about football, but also covered the Roger Clemens trial, and was at Nats Park working on a feature about Diamondback’s Manager Kirk Gibson.

That got us reminiscing of the Ft. Reno days when Les joined us for a few weekends and somehow turned it into a full two page spread in the Sunday paper.

He was in disbelief that Tony Ragano quit the league. After reading the story, you might be too.

PWL Website – 7/18/2009

Les Carpenter (2-5, 1 R, 2 RBI) of the Washington Post spent a few weeks hanging out with the Potomac Wiffleball League during our Spring 2009 season. (I guess that’s what NFL reporters do in June and July.)

A feature story, video, and photos ran Sunday, July 19.

Part III: ‘Just’ Wiffle Ball? Not a Chance
Tony Ragano Lets His Competitive Fire Burn on the Fields at Fort Reno Park

By Les Carpenter
Washington Post Staff
Saturday, July 18, 2009 1:57 PM

On a gentle Sunday morning, with the sandstone castle towers of Fort Reno Park rising behind him, the most competitive player in the adult, co-ed, slow-pitch Potomac Wiffleball League tugs on a Camel Light and swears.

Tony Ragano loves statistics. But more than statistics he loves his strikeouts, which he gets in great abundance in Wiffle ball thanks to his two favorite pitches: a knuckle ball that dances as if it has been unleashed in a hurricane and a slider he deems to be “unhittable.”

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