Summer Season at RFK?

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The feral cats, raccoons and oversize rats and cockroaches won’t bother us on the field.

“Raccoons have wreaked havoc in recent years, hiding in ceilings and walls. One non-game day, Payne was walking across a catwalk toward the director’s box, which overlooks the field from the mezzanine level, when he spotted a raccoon staring at him and a co-worker.”

You like to watch, don't you?

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Just over half the season is gone and I'm sure you've checked stats for everything else, so we might as well check in on how things look in the video watching department.

Just because a team's videos were watched more than another teams doesn't necessarily mean it's those players that are sitting in their offices all day watching. It could be other teams scouting, etc. But it's probably an indicator for employers of work time lost.

TeamViewed MinutesViews
Ha'chi Mountaineers 1187141
NWO 72484
Master Batters 667125
Scared Hitless 60357
DC Twits 587115
Zero Point Zero 51976
Superman's Wheelchair 51164
Blandsford Barnburners 49284
Sex Panthers 477112
Most Interesting Men 46769
Biebs Feevs 416104
Mr. Party's Waddle 36559
Natty Brohs 34667
Have Fun Out Theres 33657
Canvassers 28358
Garbage Plates 26056

For those of you not good at math, that's 69 hours of videos watched. Or about 18 hours per scheduled week. Each week we have 16 games which average 47 minutes each, for 12.5 hours of playing. So, we're watching more than we're actually playing.

POLL: Best Thing About Week 4

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Week 4 had its special moments. What was your favorite?

Best Thing About Week 4
Ice Cream Cart Guy
Three ladies performing erotic massage on each other by porta-johns
total_votes: 46

Write-in Votes So Far

  • BB Nation getting Scared Hitless’s hopes up
  • Filides taking BP off a tee (via @potomacwiffle)
  • I missed the erotic massage? Damn!!
  • Chris Pike’s batting average increase.
  • Most Interesting Men giving away a perfect game.
  • Watching the overrated Barnburners get their asses handed to them
  • BBs getting “SSSShhhed” by SH

Gravelly Point Field CLOSED (kinda, maybe)

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For those of you not following the live play-by-play from the @potomacwiffle twitter feed, here is what’s going on.

On Saturday, April 16, the metro area experienced what I would describe as a “massive downpour”. It caused flooding issues for several days after. It was so steady and consistent that the Nationals even cancelled their game several hours before first pitch. They didn’t even try to get it in. On that day, some group, in the middle of a massive downpour, played on the field at Gravelly Point. Not surprisingly, they tore it up. Grass is gone, holes are worse, etc.

(NOTE: For the purposes of this article, I’m going to use the term “field” to mean the official playing area, between and immediately around the goal posts, traditionally used for soccer, rugby, football, and even…kickball. “Field” does NOT refer to the area where the PWL sets up three fields and plays wiffleball.)

On Sunday, April 17, when the Commissioner arrived at 8 AM to survey the area there was still standing water in the grass, in addition to the batters and pitchers areas. PWL games were postponed; much to the bitching of the league, since it turned out to be a beautiful sunny and warm day. Perfect in every way for wiffleball with the exception of the water and mud pit mess we would have been playing in.

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Wiffleball Unsafe?

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This is going to cause our liability insurance to go up and probably give the NPS more reason to bump us from Gravelly.

Thanks for Alfred Breuer and Greg Hudson for flagging.

NPS Soap Opera Continues at Gravelly

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Over the years I have received a few letters and emails from the National Park Service that I found incredulous. Today’s one line email from legendary Park Ranger (and Douchebag of the Week Runner Up) Deborah Deas is one of the best.

”All organized sports at Gravelly Point are cancelled due to turf damage until further notice.”

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You Make the Call: Home Run or Out?

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The PWL Managers were convened for the first time in league history this week to resolve a protested game. They came to a conclusion, now you get to weigh in.

The dispute centered around what the term “over the home run fence” means.

Since it was not a judgment call, but rather a question on the application of the rules, it was reviewed by the league. Of course, in the last two years we’ve had umpires for every game except for five…and this was one of the five.

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Hitting = Winning

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Team batting average, slugging and homers after the first two weeks.

Scared Hitless .388 .871 10
Superman’s Wheelchair .459 .788 4
Blandsford Barnburners .385 .756 8
Garbage Plates .346 .654 8
Sex Panthers .360 .573 5
Canvassers .344 .548 5
Hachi Mountaineers .303 .526 5
Most Interesting Men .318 .511 2
Mr. Party’s Waddle .316 .468 2
DC Twits .311 .459 2
NWO .233 .417 3
Master Batters .277 .415 2
Zero Point Zero .226 .371 3
Biebs Feevs .243 .314 1
Natty Brohs .213 .279 1
Have Fun Out Theres .242 .242 0

Blimp Coverage of Wiffleball?

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Not exactly. The government…or Google…is always watching, even during PWL games.

Checking out Google maps today we discovered that the footage of Gravelly Point was actually taken during the middle of a wiffleball game. There are only two fields setup and the emergency vehicle is still allowed so it had to have been Weeks 1-4 of the Summer 2010 season.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor arsenic, nor government shutdown can stop Wiffleball…

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Well, maybe a government shutdown can.

Commissioner Gallaway has been meeting with Obama administration officials as well as National Park Service Rangers and it looks like if the government shutdown occurs on Friday that Gravelly Point will be closed on Sunday.

Commissioner Gallaway said the PWL was reviewing contingency plans and alternate field locations but that no decisions had been made at this time.

The PWL has faced cancellations before due to field issues. Of course rain outs have been common, especially in Spring. The Spring 2009 season was suspended for 35 days for rainouts and one grass out.

The Spring 2008 season was interrupted because high levels of arsenic were discovered at the field…from OUTER SPACE! It turned out that actually taking a soil sample was more accurate than observing the ground from OUTER SPACE and after a two week break, playing resumed.