You're F'ing Out! Paid Umpires This Season

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League offices are buzzing this week that the Commissioner will soon make a final announcement that the 2010 Summer Season will be the first to feature paid umpires for regular season.

Paid umpires have been used the last two postseasons, but they are expected to be used for all games this summer.

OFF SEASON MOVES: Gossip, Trades, and Fresh Meat

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8/3Updated Teams and Players List

  • 9 TEAMS (Less than a day left)
  • New Teams: Flea Bitten Varmits, NWO
  • Non-Returning Teams: Alcoholics Anonymous, Blandsford Barnburners, Brosephorous Rex, On the Fence, Rossi Posse
  • Filides finally gets his shit together and will have a team…sorta.

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London: Format Change Could Be Huge

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Brian Wheeler, the Commissioner of the London Wiffleball Tournament, announced a format change this past week which could make a HUGE difference in the number of teams headed to home early, or staying late.

The tournament, which will have around 64 68 teams, begins with pool play. There are 16 17 pools of 4 teams each, and each team gets 3 guaranteed games. (They play each other team in their pool once.)

After that, it gets interesting.

All teams with a winning record, advance to stage two of the tournament, double elimination. The teams will be seeded by won/loss record and then run differential. The only problem…we won’t know until the round robin is finished how many teams move on. What a team will know when the pool play is over, is whether or not they’re going home.

With the way the pools are split up, it’s mathmatically possible to have as few as 16 17 teams move on, or as many as 48 51 teams could go on. For those of you not educated in the way of brackets, this is huge difference in the amount of games.

Games to Decide the Double Elimination Tournament:

  • 17 Teams = 32 games (33 games if losers’ bracket winner is champion)
  • 51 Teams = 100 games (101 games if losers’ bracket winner is champion)

Of course, we’ll likely be someplace in the middle, but it’s going to be an interesting day.

In the past, a specific number of teams has advanced, or a certain percentage of the teams in the tournament. In this model, you always knew how many teams made it, you just sometimes didn’t know if your record and run differential would be good enough to keep you in. This year, it will be clear if you’re in or not. It won’t be clear if the World Series will be played Saturday, or in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

London: Field Photos and Dimensions

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Field layout information for the 2010 London Wiffleball Tournament.

Follow @londonwiffle for “unofficial” updates and live scoring from the tournament provided by the PWL.

Bases have not been measured and placed yet. The distances were based on the assumptions that bases would be placed at the proper distances according to the rules, and that second base would be lined up directly centered between the foul lines. Some distances, H to 1, 3 to H, H to 2, are specified in the rules. The other distances vary because the width of the fields vary.

  • Field: Official MLB Foul Lines
  • Width (1st/3rd): 67
  • Angle of Foul Lines: 90
  • Home to 1st: 50
  • 1st to 2nd: 48
  • 2nd to 3rd: 48
  • 3rd to Home: 45
  • Home to 2nd: 68

These are the dimensions using the official baseball…

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Burning a Barn...Now Do You Get It?

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Moments after officially picking up the Commissioner’s Trophy as the 2010 Spring World Series Champions the Blandsford Barnburners unveiled their new team logo.

The boys from Manassas, ranked in the Top 10 in National Wiffleball Rankings, have been logo-less for their two championship seasons.

Manager Colin Gannon called the announcement “a watershed moment in history and a day that Barnburner Nation will long remember.” He was then asked for his ID when he attempted to order a beer to celebrate.

The logo was selected in a design contest sponsored by the league, a tradition that Commissioner Gallaway announced would continue for future World Series Champions.

Despite the new logo, the Burners have confirmed that they will not be back in the Summer season to defend their title. They have promised to return for the Spring 2011 Season, opting to “let a lower caliber team like Clubber Lang or Brosephorous Rex” win the World Series this summer.

Another (different) Take on Value

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About the Author: Nicole Murray just finished her rookie season with the The Gnats. She works for DC’s other professional, though less successful, wiffleball organization, the Washington Nationals. While she throws and hits like a girl, she plays poker and talks stats like a man.

Jake Tomko brought up that “if your team can lose despite your great stats, they surely can lose without you.” But let’s look at the flip side. Wouldn’t the Most Valuable Player be the one that his or her team can’t win without?

This season, not including forfeits, the Gnats went 4-6 with Eamon Murray in the lineup. Outstanding? Hardly. But when you consider that all-time, the Gnats are 0-29 (not including forfeits) without Eamon in the lineup, he is literally the player his team can’t win without.

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Determining Greater VALUE

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About the Author: Jake Tomko is a Cy Young Award winning pitcher with two World Series rings and is the main reason the Barnburners are proposing a rule change to allow a DH.

Another season has passed and the Barnburners won another championship, but one last battle is left to fight – the awards race. Always known for controversy, the awards race is in full bloom and I’d like to focus on the most valued award – Most Valuable Player. I’ll give you my take on the race and my criteria for voting and maybe it can help you make up your mind.

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A World of a Series

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A team from Manassas is playing a team from Washington, 32 miles away, but we insist on calling it a World Series.

Five teams have won the nine World Series that have been contested. Only one has won it more than once. The Barnburners are hoping to become the second franchise to get added to that list. Standing in their way, the first team that beat them…ever…in history…Scared Hitless. There have been more losses for the Burners since that one, but you never forget your first time.

Scared Hitless is not without history themselves. The second oldest franchise in the league, they look little like the first edition that joined the league in 2006, three name changes and limitless personnel changes ago. They were last in the big Series in Summer of 2008, but lost to the Catalista Revolucion, a team that doesn’t exist anymore. They themselves almost didn’t exist anymore, taking the last summer season off for a couple of the guys to get their heads on right. They’ve come back a stronger team than ever before. The best record in the league, and ranked 6th in the nation, will their 4th post-season appearance finally get them the ring they want?

Tune in Sunday to find out. If DCS Saturday was any indication, this should be a series the world recognizes, without any insistence.

Past World Series Champions

  • Canvassers (5 Times)
  • Filabusters
  • Coconut Cowboys
  • Catalist Revolucion
  • Blandsford Barnburners

Rex Rolls Out Logo; Mix Tape Still In Production

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Brosephorous Rex rolled out a team logo just days before the Spring 2010 playoffs.

Manager Paul Costello, who we have since discovered is actually a Canadian, asked that the logo replace the red question mark featured in the early post-season bracket graphics.

The league won’t be updating the bracket, but felt it appropriate to honor the Rex request by posting it online for discussion.

Rex changed their name during the offseason from “Flaglove”. By most accounts, it was not an improvement.

In additon to the confusing pronunciation of the name, it’s relevance to the team or the sport is unclear.

In addition to those issues, since the name change, 2009 Summer Rookie of the Year Jesse Contario hasn’t hit for shit.

Rex will be taking on the Blandsford Barnburners, who have beaten them twice, in the Division Championship Series to try to advance to their second World Series. They lost to the Canvassers in two games last season.

Creepy Facebook Group Creator Urges Write-in for POTW Candidate

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A Facebook group calling for a write-in vote for Allison Smith for Week 7 Player of the Week has sprung up on the internet this week and quickly grew to 8 members.

The group, created by Alex Filides, is an attempt to get Ms. Smith rewarded for her stellar play during Week 7. Ms. Smith, who is currently the lady friend of Scared Hitless star Nick DiCrosta, is not officially connected to the group and is a little creeped out by it.

Filides started the effort shortly after Commissioner Gallaway announced the POTW nominees for Week 7 and left Smith off the list. Smith hit two home runs as well as a triple while serving as a guest player for the Rossi Posse. She became only the 4th female player to hit a home run, and the first to hit two. She was edged out for a nomination by DiCrosta himself, who has pointed out at least three times since leaving the field Sunday that he “hit three home runs, into the wind, while she only had two. Plus, she committed an error”. DiCrosta does not play in the field.

While the Facebook group is small, Smith did get a big endorsement today, meeting with President Obama to talk about her two home run game. “I wish more women were hitting home runs, if they were, we wouldn’t have all the problems we have today”, the President said. “I want every woman out there to take advantage of my new health care plan. There is plenty of money for abortions and wiffleball injuries. Just skip those mammograms; we’re on a budget here.”

This isn’t the first time that Filides has taken to Facebook to show his displeasure at the POTW Awards. Largely a popularity contest once the three nominations based on the stats are made by the Commissioner, Filides has been nominated six times, and never won. That’s the worst shut out record in the PWL history, and has led some to question his popularity with other players. Filides himself posted on his Facebook page that the “POTW Award is a joke” after one of his many, multiple, let’s call it six, losses.

Filides did win the Most Valuable Player award for the Season 2009 season, but this year had more of a most valuable meltdown. He originally left his team, Clubber Lang, to form his own team when the manager refused to let him pitch. However, he returned with his tail tucked between his legs when a Craig’s List ad for players went unanswered. It’s been a rough season for him, starting with the managers banning his use of a glove in the field though a rules change, and finishing the season with .247 batting average, well under the league average.

His last ditch effort for the PWL award is seen as a mating call by many. Don’t worry, this can be settled on the field. Filides’ Clubber Lang battles DiCrosta’s Scared Hitless this Saturday in the Division Championship Series.