PWL Grants Ragano Access to Play with Equipment

Written by - Posted 2010-06-09 13:43 in News

In an unexpected move today, Commissioner Gallaway announced that the PWL was granting Tony Ragano permission to review the strike boards and radar guns at the PWL headquarters before this weekend’s playoff games. Ragano will have access to the boards and radar guns from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Wednesday, June 9, 2010, at PWL Headquarters, 2852 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC according to the Commissioner’s order. Any league members are welcome to observe. Brian Ford of Scared Hitless has promised to be on site to watch for any shenanigans.

Ragano has long cried foul about one of the boards that he feels discriminates against him, always reading his pitches as too fast and other pitchers normally. Commissioner Gallaway will use a tuning fork to demonstrate the accuracy of the radar guns. Though, Ragano has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t need any kind of scientific evidence or measuring tools to know how fast he’s throwing the ball.

“Most humans can’t tell the difference between a wiffleball that is going 26 MPH after it has been out of your hand for 30 feet, versus one that is going 28 MPH after it’s been out of your hand for 30 feet, but I can”, Ragano said.

Ragano also explained that he always factors in wind speed and how it affects the ball on its 30 foot path to the plate and radar gun. “I can just tell what the wind is doing, I calculate its effect gust-by-gust, second-by-second. You can’t tell it by looking at me, but I am doing like 30 calculations in my head every second.”

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