Higgins is First Four Time Nominee

Written by - Posted 2010-10-04 21:45 in News

Fresh off winning the home run contest during All Star Sunday, Matthew Higgins of the Master Batters added another distinction to the back of his wiffleball card today.

He becomes the first player to ever be nominated for all four of the league’s season end player awards in a single season.

Higgins was nominated in each of the following categories.

  • Most Valuable Player (overall) – ranked 5th out of 5
  • Rookie of the Year (overall) – ranked 2nd out of 3
  • Cy Young Award (pitching) – ranked 1st out of 3
  • Gold Glove – Pitcher (fielding) – tied for 2nd out of 2

This is the third time that nominations have been made through a vote of the players. Prior to that in the non-pitcher rotation era nominations were made by the Commissioner. In the pitcher rotation era, nominations were made through a set formula.

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