Champions Dinner (Sp11): PWL Invades Natstown

Written by - Posted 2011-06-22 22:58 in News

The Potomac Wiffleball League celebrated the end of the Spring Season at Nationals Park.

Doing the post season event in conjunction with a Nationals game brought record turnout. The 40 available tickets have been sold out since the first week they were made available to the players.

The season ending awards were handed out and nine PWL members were recognized on field before the game as the “Starting Nine”. They took the nine fielding positions before the real Nationals came out to warm up for the first inning.

The Commissioner’s Trophy is usually presented to the World Series Champions at the event, but with the rain delayed season the World Series won’t be played until this Sunday.

Nominees for the season ending awards were voted on by the players. Then the players, media and public voted on the final winners. The big hardware winners went to a mix of teams but rookie sensations DC Twits picked up three of the eight in voting.

  • Most Valuable Player Award: Matt Dreyfus
  • Cy Young Award: Joe Thaman
  • Rookie of the Year Award: Jon “Will” Campbell
  • Gold Glove Award – Fielder: Jon “Will” Campbell
  • Gold Glove Award – Pitcher: Scott Abrahams
  • Gold Glove Award – Catcher: Jim Shannon
  • Manager of the Year Award: Colin Gannon
  • New Team of the Year Award: DC Twits

Certificates were also presented to league leaders in each of the nine triple crown categories.

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