Barnburners Ranked #1 in the Nation

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Fresh off a third World Series title last Sunday, the Blandsford Barnburners have found themselves the #1 ranked wiffleball team in the country.

The National Wiffle League Association (NWLA), who produces the National Wiffleball Rankings ( ) has kept the Barnburners ranked high for a long time, but this is the first PWL team to hit the #1 spot.

The rankings follow 42 active leagues and 298 teams around the country. In addition to rankings, they present year end Wiffy Awards and name National Teams.

The Barnburners had finished the season ending rankings #10 in 2009 and #19 in 2010.

Most of the leagues nationally play one longer season unlike the PWL which plays two seasons. This has been a disadvantage to PWL teams who usually only get credit for one of the two seasons they play. It is even more so for the Barnburners who have so far only played the Spring Season, and never a Summer.

“They end up peaking too early, then basically don’t play a game for the last three months and they fall down the rankings for not playing”, said Commissioner Gallaway. “We all think it’s weak that the Burners don’t play the summer, and it will definitely hurt them in the final rankings. But, they need to take time to work on their tans, so they can’t play.”

The timing of the #1 ranking right after a World Series victory and two weeks away from the London Wiffleball Tournament, where a team composed mostly of Barnburners will compete, has sparked interest in the next move for the young team.

“They’re mostly good kids, it would be great for them to do well in London, and maybe finally decide to defend their title this Summer”, Gallaway said.

National Wiffle League Association Archive

Wiffy Award Winners

2010 National Teams

  • 1st Team Pitchers – Tony Ragano
  • 2nd Team Pitchers – Matthew Higgins / Brian Ford
  • 3rd Team Hitters – Joseph Thaman / Nicholas DiCrosta
  • 1st Team Fielders – Brian Ford
  • 2nd Team Fielders – Mark Nicholson / Alex Strong
  • 1st Team Rookies – Joseph Thaman / Matthew Higgins / Nicholas West
  • 2nd Team Rookies – Eamon Murray / Christopher Keeven

2009 National Teams

  • 2nd Team Pitchers – Jacob Tomko
  • 2nd Team Hitters – Kris Garcia

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