PWL Collects Wiffy Awards and National Team Honors

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The National Wiffle League Association announced their 2012 Wiffy Award winners as well as named players to national teams for pitching, hitting and fielding.

The PWL picked up two national awards, two regional player of the year awards, and had 15 players named to named to national teams. In addition, the PWL once again was co-honored for National Event of the Year, the third straight Wiffy in this category, for co-hosting the NWLA National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

Commissioner Chris Gallaway earned his first hardware on the national stage being named both the National Commissioner of the Year and National Wifflitarian of the Year. Commissioner of the Year has been given out since 2006, but Gallaway is only the third winner, with the HRL and KWL Commissioners picking up the first six awards between them.

“I’d like to thank NWLA for this recognition, and also thank Brian Meyers and Truck Moriarty for withdrawing their names for consideration this year, making it a fair fight”, Gallaway said when learning of the award.

Gallaway is the second winner of Wifflitarian of the Year. It was first awarded in 2011 to Josh Smith, the founder and editor of Wiffler’s Digest.

Two players were named regional players of the year as well. There is a national pitcher, hitter, fielder and rookie of the year award given, as well as one for each of the NWLA’s four regions.

Joseph Thaman picked up the honors of the Eastern Region Pitcher of the Year.

Brian Hollrah was named the Eastern Region Rookie of the Year.

The PWL, along with the seven other leagues that participated, were recognized for the National Wiffleball Event of the Year for the NWLA Tournament in Columbus, OH. The PWL, WSEM and KWL were co-hosts of the event.

The PWL won this aware in 2011 along with KWL and WSEM for participating in the London Wiffleball Tourney. In 2010, the Scared Hitless vs. Scared Hitless battle between the KWL and PWL was given the honor.

National first, second and third teams were also named for pitchers, hitters, fielders and rookies.

Pitchers – 1st Team

  • Joseph Thaman
  • Matt Gagnon

Pitchers – 2nd Team

  • Nicholas DiCrosta
  • Colin Gannon
  • Jacob Tomko

Hitters – 1st Team

  • Jim Shannon

Hitters – 3rd Team

  • Nicholas DiCrosta
  • Jack Shannon

Rookies – 1st Team

  • Brian Hollrah
  • Todd Ogg

Rookies – 2nd Team

  • Adriano DeSorrento

Fielders – 1st Team

  • Chris Mazur
  • Kevin Higman

Fielders – 2nd Team

  • Jim Shannon

Fielders – 3rd Team

  • Christopher Smyth

For past information on the Wiffy Awards and National Team Honors see:

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