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Week 4 ended up being truncated in the number of games played, but not in the total innings. Five extra inning affairs, including two 15 inning games, and one 28 inning contest, created a logjam on the schedule. The wind was hit or miss, but the odd direction, coming from the east, seemed to wreak havoc, at least in the minds, of players.

The Dupont Circle Jerks went extra innings in both of their games, playing 8 against the Sex Panthers, but it was their 28 inning game against the Natty Brohs on the Red field that caused the biggest scheduling kerfuffle. While 28 is the equivalent of over 4 and a half games, it’s well short of the league record, 41 innings set during Week 4 of the Spring 2010 Season between Alcoholics Anonymous and Clubber Lang. It falls in third place, also behind a 38 inning Canvassers and Gnats game in Week 2 of the of that same season.

After the game finally ended, no one seems to remember how, the Natty Brohs second game against the Garbage Plates was postponed until a future week.

Though the length wasn’t record setting, Jack Rems of the Brohs did set a new league record for both hits and singles in a game during the grudge match. He had 13 hits, besting the previous record held by Michael Lemaire at 11. He had 9 singles, taking the record from Tony Ragano and Gayle Rae , who had each hit 8.

The first 15 inning affair was played by Scared Hitless and the Nasty Boys, knotted up at two a piece on the Blue field at the end of regulation. Sadly, this one would end in a pitcher ejection forfeit, as the Nasty Boys, running four players deep, ran out of hurlers.

That was also the first of two pitcher ejection forfeits on the day, as the Gumballers and Oedipus were just one inning short of finishing their game when Oedipus ran out of pitchers.

The second 15 inning affair between the Canvassers and Gumballers was record setting, or rather, the end of a record setting streak for Jeffrey Nitto. In the top of the 6th inning, with a 2-0 lead over the Canvassers, and his consecutive scoreless inning streak sitting at 83, Nitto was one out away from clinching the win, and the 84th inning. He gave up a double to Tony Morin after the first out, only the 5th he’d allowed in 84 innings. It was promptly followed by a two run home run off the bat of Pete Hackeman to end the streak and force, what turned into, nine extra innings before the Gumballers finally prevailed. Nitto ended up besting Joe Thaman’s streak by 10 innings, and third place competitor Tony Ragano, by 30 innings.

The Barnburners continued their dominance at the plate, and added in some pitching for good measure as Jack Shannon tossed a perfect game against the Ha’chi Mountaineers to kick off the day. The Barnburners players (the Shannon twins, mostly Jack) currently hold claim to five of the six batting and pitching triple crown categories, only Joe Thaman edges out the Shannon’s with strikeouts. Though, Jack Shannon does lead the league in K/6, with only 10 IP’s, he’s behind Thaman on total K’s.

And yeah…it might take some extra time to get the videos up this week with the extra hours of footage.

Thanks to John Hamlett of Dupont Circle Jerks for pointing out the single game record his team let Rems set.

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