Week 5 Preview: Mother of All Wind Days (Sp13)

Written by - Posted 2013-05-10 15:10 in News

Don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday after your game to update her on your stats, but please don’t bring her to the field with you. It’s a little embarrassing. We’ve got 20 games this week and wind is expected to be a factor. The cool off starts Sunday, with a high expected of only 66, and wind from the NW at 14 MPH. That’s our highest “forecasted” wind for any week to date, and if you’re playing on the Green field, work on your bunting.

It’s supposed to rain on Saturday, but we’re assuming it won’t be “significant rain within 24 hours of field use”. Watch the twitter feed, website and facebook page for weather updates. The managers all get a quick SMS with updates too, which I’m sure they all love.

Only a couple games that might become meaningful for the postseason, 7th Linning and Master Batters will tangle in the morning. If 7thLinning falls in the woods, does it make a sound? In the afternoon, DC Twits try to get back on track against the Nasty Boys. If the Twits can’t rebound, their #3 seed last year just might have been their peak.

If the weather is nice, or people think it is, expect more people at the Point to celebrate with their Mom’s. This means tougher parking and more likelihood that a kite is going to bring down a passenger jet. Don’t worry, we have a first aid kit.

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