Week 2 (Su13): Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Written by - Posted 2013-08-12 20:50 in News

Week 2 is in the books but the promised “low wind” didn’t materialize. We stayed dry, but the wind helped the offense as home runs went from 17 Week 1 to 32 Week 2, and slugging went from .380 to .551.

Matt Dreyfus continued his march to a league leading 271 career hits, racking up seven hits this week. He’s now just five from setting the record. He’s out Week 3, but all eyes will be on the early games Week 4 to see if he sets the record.

Chris Mazur tossed a perfect game for Suns Out Guns Out in the first meeting with their rivals Besley Bashers. Suns Out, recent converts to twitter ( @sunsoutsgunsout0 ) talked some trash Saturday night before their match-up.

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