Week 3 (Su13): Madman Across The Water

Written by - Posted 2013-08-19 21:10 in News

We went into Week 3 with the possibility of a total washout but emerged with 17 games knocked off the schedule, though three were forfeits. A light mist fell for most of the early games, and it got a little rough during the half way point of the schedule, but we ended up with almost perfect and dry conditions for the late games.

All star Kevin Higman had himself a day, grabbing the league lead in batting average, before his season came to an end with an injury, and he became the first player to leave in an ambulance. Higman slipped rounding first to leg out a double and dislocated his elbow. He’s expected to be able to resume wiffleball activities in six weeks. Higman fell in what is now known as “Dislocation Alley”, the area around second base on the blue field. During the Spring season, Alex Cohn of the Besley Bashers dislocated his thumb in the same place.

We had our first forfeits of the season as Sex Panthers, blaming wedding season, (though, it’s always “wedding season” for them), only had one player show up. A third forfeit was tagged to the Garbage Plates who showed up for their 10:30 and 11:30 games, but never returned to Gravelly for the 1:30 contest with the Moose Knuckles. When asked if they forfeited to hurt the Moose Knuckles run differential for post-season seeding, Zac Champ, manager of the Plates, refused to comment. Regardless, forfeits suck, get your shit together guys.

We also had our first pitcher ejection forfeit after a 12 inning affair between the Nasty Boys and Gas House Gorillas was stalemated at no runs. Gas House eventually ran out of pitchers, but not before Alex Filides tried to do Alex Filides type things that were prevented by previously passed Alex Filides inspired rules. With a 3 consecutive non-strike count on the second warning for his last pitcher, Jack Rems, Filides called time, tried to convince scorekeeper Tony Ragano to play for his team in the event Rems was ejected. A rule passed before the Spring season to prevent Alex Filides from doing this exact same thing, required that guest players had to be declared before the game on your lineup card in order to be eligible. So, Ragano was clearly not eligible to be a guest player, Filides then pushed to put Ragano on the official roster to get around the guest player rule. Any roster player is eligible to sub into the game, regardless of whether they are on the lineup card or not. Commissioner Gallaway confirmed that Ragano’s $40 registration fee had not been received, as required to appear on the roster, and therefore he was not on the roster. The PWL permit also prohibits the exchange of money while on park property, so even if Filides had tried to pay Ragano’s fee before the game, he wouldn’t have been able to while on Park property. Filides did properly list Ragano as an eligible substitute as a guest player for their second game, but he didn’t play. There is an exception to the guest player requirement in the event of an injury, so we expect Filides to bring crutches and an eye patch to give to one of his players in future weeks to claim injury.

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