Week 5 Preview (Su13): Little Jeannie

Written by - Posted 2013-09-06 08:52 in News

Just three more weeks until Superman’s Wheelchair turns back into a pumpkin. It’s Week 5 and the march to the postseason begins for real.

So far, only the Garbage Plates have been eliminated from all post-season hope, mathematically that is, they were emotionally eliminated Week 1. There is still a glimmer of hope for 15 teams fighting for the 6 spots to move on. Expect a couple more teams to have open schedules after the 22nd when we’re done rolling up the fences this Sunday.

It’s supposed to be high 80’s and extra windy. Yeah, no getting around it…wind is going to be a factor. Wear a helmet.

This is also our first week of the season in direct competition with American gridiron football competitions. Some of the less talented players among you might be torn on whether you’re showing up at Gravelly or sitting on your couch watching a soon to be extinct game on television. Hardly a choice there, but if only there was some technology that could be invented which would either allow you to keep track of the information related to game in a mobile format, or would somehow allow you to review the video from the game at a slightly later time, perhaps an hour or two after it had occurred. The league should explore investing in this type of technology for which the patent rights would likely generate enough money to build a permanent stadium.

In the morning games, Matt Gagnon serves the first ever suspension in league history when the Moose Knuckles take on the Janitors. If only Higman could but get a whack at that, we’d put up even money now…nevermind.

Web Gem voting from Week 4 is still open, make sure you vote by 10 AM Sunday.

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