Return of the All Star Game

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For the first time in six seasons the All Star Game returns this summer to the PWL.

The game, which will follow the World Series, will feature one player from each team in the league. The 16 team representatives will be selected by their teams themselves, there won’t be a public vote. The two team managers will hold a draft following the completion of the regular season to split the players into two teams. All eight members of the roster will be able to bat in the starting lineup, an exception to the regular season limit of six.

The game will be part of an expanded World Series event which for the second time will also include the post-season Champions’ Dinner and Home Run Derby all combined into one big final Sunday at Gravelly Point. The Home Run Derby format is also being changed to include one representative per team this season.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – Sunday, October 6, 2013

  • 11:00 AM — World Series Game 1
  • 12:00 PM — World Series Game 2
  • 1:00 PM — Champions Dinner and Awards Presentation (Food and Drinks Provided by the PWL)
  • 1:30 PM — Home Run Derby
  • 2:00 PM — All Star Game

Events will be moved back 1 hour if a World Series Game 3 is necessary.

Managers for this season’s event will be Colin Gannon, of the Blandsford Barnburners, and Howard Krasilovsky of the Master Batters. Gannon managed the 2013 Spring Barnburners to their fifth World Championship. The opposing manager in that World Series, Christopher Keeven of Superman’s Wheelchair was offered the managerial position of the other team in what was hoped to be a continued tradition of the previous World Series skippers helming the All Star Game. Keeven was unable to manage for personal reasons. League officials then decided to offer the job to Kasilovsky. Krasilovsky is second all-time in games managed by active managers (3rd all time), only behind Keeven.

“It seems appropriate that if a manager from the previous World Series can’t work the All Star Game that we should recognize a manager who has put their time in,” Commissioner Gallaway said. “While Howie is certainly not the winning-ist manager of all time, his longevity certainly deserves some recognition. By letting him fill out a lineup card for an exhibition game, we think we’ve checked that box.”

There have only been three previous All Star games in the leagues 17 season history. For the second and third seasons in 2006, a game was held in the middle of each season. There were two divisions at the time, and the Eastern Division won both contests over the Western Division. It wasn’t until the Summer 2010 season that the All Star “game” returned. With three divisions, the game returned as a double elimination tournament featuring three teams, one representing each of the three divisions in the league. The Central beat the Western Division in a wind-shortened two inning Game 5 that year.

“We have struggled with a couple of big things, when to do it, and how to do it,” Commissioner Gallaway said. “With 5 divisions and 20 teams in the Spring, and 4 divisions and 16 teams in the summer, it was hard to come to a format that would be fair and representative of the league and the teams. We might have a problem with 20 teams and players next Spring, but we’re going to try 16 now, and get every team a representative and see how it goes. The when was even more problematic. An off week during the season is almost never possible, and post season was always a challenge with the teams actually playing in the playoffs. With the spectacular success of the post-World Series Champions Dinner and HR Derby last season, it was logical to make that the home for this event as well. Hopefully this will be a success we’ll continue for years to come.”

The two teams have not yet been given names. In the past teams represented divisions and were named by the division. Each all star will get an uniform which will be worn during the game. Home Run derby contestants will also be recognized for their selection with details to be announced soon. The game, and home run derby, will be played on one of the two fields used for the World Series, with a game time decision based on wind factors.

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