Week 1 (Sp14): You're Only Human (Second Wind)

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The sun and temperature cooperated for Opening Day, but the wind, an ever present feature at Gravelly Point, did not. Unfortunately, people participating in non-wiffleball activities at Gravelly were not discouraged by the wind, and overflowed the facilities.

The four pitcher ejection forfeits is the second most in a single week in league history. Week 5 of the Spring 2012 season saw five games end this way. Two times there have two forfeits in a week, and twelve other times we’d have one. Not all of these are wind related, but many are.

The first few really nice Sunday’s of each spring always bring lots of extra people to Gravelly Point. Parking is always at a premium, but the overflow this Sunday caused the park police to meter, then close off entry to the parking lots. Don’t worry, it gets better in that the park won’t be so overfull in future weeks. But, finding an actual spot to park your car will continue to be a challenge, when the lot is 110% full on a normal day, instead of 220% full as it was this week.

Despite the wind, operations ran fairly well. Sacbut was given a reprieve from the season’s first forfeit, as Chuggin’ Chorizos allowed them an extra 10 minutes to show up at the field. The new teams fared, however, as you’d expect the new teams to do. A couple of them think they’re going to be good…but we’re not sure any of them will be in the playoff picture in June.

You can find all the stats, standings and box scores including play-by-play on the website. Links are available on the schedule pages, or on the schedule section of the team pages. You can also get them on the scoreboard page. Complete game videos for each game will go over over the next few days. They take a little longer than the stats, which are usually up before we leave the field each week.

SCORING CORRECTIONS: If there are any corrections needed for the scoring, please contact the Commissioner. Corrections must be made by the Saturday following the games at 11:59 PM. (In the MLB, the official scorer has one day to correct, in the PWL, it’s one week.) Please note, we definitely want to get corrections (wrong players, incorrect coding, etc), but if you complain about things that are judgment calls, like a hit or an error, it will still be reviewed, but you will be mocked on the website.

Check back later this week for our traditional Player of the Week voting. Each week five nominees will be voted on by the public and the managers to receive a keychain award.

Also, don’t forget about submitting Web Gems. Great fielding plays get nominated and cut into a video for a league vote.

We’re off next week for Easter. That should give you even more time to pour over the stats.

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