DCS #2 Preview: First Timers Club

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#5 DC Twits vs #6 Janitors

One of these two teams is going to the World Series. It’s not possible for both of them to lose. Whichever team advances will be just the 15th different team to earn one of the 36 spots in the final matchup in league history. The bad news is, barring a major upset in the other series, waiting for them will be five time World Champions who have never lost a post-season series.

The DC Twits were the best team in the league during the Summer 2013 regular season but were eliminated in the DCS by the wildcard Gumballers. This year they won one fewer game and dropped to the 5th seed, but got the better of the Gumballers in the Wildcard rematch. Rookie Travis High has been a solid addition, and Daniel Lockbaum might have finally figured out how to play wiffleball this season. Scoring more runs while Stephen Crawford holds opposing batters as he always has brought the Twits to where they are. Is it enough to give them their first taste of the World Series?

The Janitors are in their first postseason and aren’t going to get cheated on the experience. A grueling series against the Moose Knuckles, the only series that went three games, including two extra inning games, gave them the victory, but also showed they are a team carried on the back of one player, Kevin Higman. He single handily beat the Moose Knuckles, and will have to against the Twits (a team he played for one season as free agent) if they’re going to be successful. Credit Felix Fernandez with pitching complete games in the series, and holding the Moose Knuckles, but a slight breeze and his neurosis have their own neurosis. If he’s off the mound, consider the game un-saveable even by the apostle Kevin Higman. Janitors in their first postseason, making it to their first World Series?

Probables: Felix Fernandez (4-1, 0.53) will pitch for the Janitors and Stephen Crawford (8-2, 0.96) will pitch for the DC Twits.

History: DC Twits have never lost to the Janitors, but they’ve never faced this version. Career 4-0, with an 11 run diff in past meetings, but haven’t met in last two seasons.

Umpires: Jerry Shapiro and Bob Angeli will work the series.

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