DCS #1 Preview: Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Written by - Posted 2014-06-18 01:40 in News

#1 Blandsford Barnburners vs #7 Suns Out Guns Out

After a big upset to take down the Nasty Boys in the Wildcard, Suns Out Guns Out has an even bigger David and Goliath challenge in the DCS facing the five time World Champion Barnburners. The Barnburners are looking to tie the Canvassers for the most Commissioner’s Tophies, and both teams are shorthanded and will feature three man lineups.

What can you say about the Barnburners that they didn’t say about themselves in their team profile this year? [ Team Profile ]

After struggling at the beginning of the season to get acclimated to free agent signing Nicholas West (clubhouse cancer), Suns Out Guns Out are on a tear, winning seven in a row and nine of their last ten. Two of their players, including one good one, took leave from the team to go to the World Cup, which is some kind of South American dance competition. If they make it to the World Series they’ll land just in time for first pitch. But, that’s a big if…

Probables: Chris Mazur (4-2, 1.85) will take the hill for Suns Out and Jack Shannon (4-0, 0.83) will start game one, with Colin Gannon (4-0, 0.46) having delusions of grandeur tossing game two for the Barnburners.

History: Barnburners have 4-0 record in the series, including a 1-0 win this season during Week 5 that went 14 innings before an error allowed the Barnburners to win. Will McNally held them scoreless and to one hit for 9.5 innings, but Will McNally will be in Brazil Wednesday night. Run diff in the all-time series is 25 runs.

Umpires: John Hofstadter and Bill Healey will call the game.

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