World Series Preview (Sp14): We Didn't Start the Fire

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If things don’t work out as everyone expects them to on Sunday this engraver’s error could be embarrassing. The DC Twits, not the Twists, are facing the Blandsford Barnburners in the Spring 2014 World Series. The best of three game series will be the 6th for the Barnburners, they’re 5-0 in them, and the first for the Twits.

The DC Twits are in their fourth postseason, and trying to rebound from a disappointing Summer run in which they were the top seed after the regular season and exited in the DCS after getting a first round bye. In fact, the Twits hadn’t won a postseason series until this year, having dropped all three they’d tried. Despite their lower seeding they’ve been a better team this season than last. Rookie Travis High is promising, but their biggest upgrade was whatever happened to Greg Hudson and Daniel Lockbaum that taught them how to hit. On the pitching department, Stephen Crawford would be an ace for any team, but their problem is depth. Crawford usually stays in games, but if he doesn’t, the Twits are in trouble.

The Blandsford Barnburners dropped the first game of the season, a pitcher ejection forfeit to the Moose Kunckles, who they were beating by three runs at the time. That loss cost them their shot at returning to the #1 National Ranking, and to add insult to injury, the Moose Knuckles ended up spending some time at #1 themselves. Obviously this team is all about offense and all about the domination of the Shannon brothers. You’d think one of them could actually hit a board 33 feet away though with all that skill? They lost Ty Fletcher to a broken ankle at the end of the season, leaving them mostly with a three man team and on the verge of always having a pitcher ejection forfeit at any time. Seriously, why can’t they hit the board? In fact, Fletcher had to make a miraculous appearance to close out the second game of the DCS, wearing a cast on his foot, to save the day. If they don’t lose by forfeit, there’s little doubt there is another way for them to lose.

History: The teams have met three times. The DC Twits are one of the eight teams to have actually ever beat the Barnburners, taking a 2-1 game in Spring 2012. The Barnburners won the other two meetings, 4-0 in Spring 2011 and 2-0 in Spring 2013. [ Franchise Meetings= ]

Probables: Jack Shannon (4-0, 0.83) will start for the Barnburners until he’s quickly ejected. Stephen Crawford (8-2, 0.96) will be on the bump for the Twits.

Umpires/Scorekeeper: Ty Washington and Bill Healey will umpire and Andrew Martin will score the series.

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