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Commissioner Gallaway announced the roster today for the PWL All Star team that will be returning to London, Ohio, this summer to represent the league at the 2014 London Wiffleball Tournament.

This will be the eighth tournament with PWL representation. The event, the largest slow-pitch wiffleball tournament in the world, will be held Saturday, July 19, 2014. There are 58 teams currently registered.

For several seasons the PWL sent two teams, the Nationals and the Senators. However, with the NWLA Tournament being held simultaneously with the London Tournament, the league is cutting back to one team for the second year in a row.

In the past the Senators and Nationals have both made deep runs in the tournament, but never broken into the final four teams. Last year’s team, which lost half it’s members, made it to the sweet 16, and ended up 9th in pre-tournament power rankings.

The two biggest losses are long time tournament veterans, and first ballot PWL Hall of Famers, Ross Duenas and Joe Gortenburg. A much, much less significant loss is Ty Fletcher of the Barnburners who is still recovering from a broken ankle playing frisbee with unattractive girls.

In addition to several new players, Deputy Commissioner Greg Hudson has signed on to manage the team. It will be Hudson’s first trip to Ohio.

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Steve Dubois

Steve Dubois will be playing in his 5th London tournament. He missed the inaugural tourney in 2007 and also missed the 2011 and 2013 events. Dubois semi-retired from the PWL following the Spring 2010 season, but still lives in the DC area.

A solid hitter with a “London swing”, and probably the best overall athlete on the team, Dubois prefers to not play the field and only hit, letting the other players do the running around. He’ll have to play some outfield with this roster though. He also likes the Yankees, but we let him play anyway.

His favorite punctuation: Apostrophe.

Adriano DeSorrento

Adriano DeSorrento returns for his sophomore season in London after a rough rookie outing in which he barely outpaced Colin Gannon on offense.

Commissioner Gallaway sees potential in the former MVP and Cy Young Award winner and hopes his bat can fill part of the gap left by the two departing veterans.

His favorite ice cream: Ice Milk.


Kris Garcia

Kris Garcia was one of the three old veterans who led the 2013 squads deep run in the tournament. Now that he’s the only one left, in addition to his offense, he’ll have to pull double duty and pitch as well. A crafty lefty he struggled in the PWL this season on the bump, but London is an entirely different animal.

In 2013, he hit two triples, which are impossible with four fielders on fields smaller than ours. Making him still the only PWL player ever to hit a triple, adding 2 to his previous total of 1. Garcia is the only original player from the 2007 tournament still participating. This is his 6th tournament, he missed the 2011 and 2012 events.

His favorite join: Left join.

Colin Gannon

Colin Gannon is consistently the worst player on every team he’s a part of and is probably the reason the Barnburners lost the World Series this season for the first time ever. Despite that, he’s back for another go around in Ohio. This will be Gannon’s 6th trip to Ohio.

Especially interesting will be to see how rookie manager Greg Hudson, who’s team defeated Gannon’s in the World Series, handles the moody, unrealistic expectations player that Gannon has become. Gannon is a likely candidate for the important shortstop position, and hopefully is not needed to pitch.

His favorite decisions: Bad ones.


Sam Smith

One of two rookies on this year’s team, Smith is also a rookie in the PWL. A member of the One Hit Wonders, he’s already used to the kind of disappointment in Chris Fantasia that the rest of us will get to experience as a league in Ohio.

We hope he can hit underhand pitching, though we have no reason to believe he can.

His favorite One Hit Wonder: Come On, Eileen.

Michael Burns

Michael Burns is a rookie on the London team, but is well known around the PWL as a six year veteran. While he had his worst offensive performance in his career this season, the London rules might just be what he needs to get back on track.

The umpires have noted Burns personality changes as he gets in later innings. They attribute it to alcohol consumption, but we think it’s competitive spirit.

His favorite colada: Pina.


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