NWLA TOURNAMENT: Less Social, More Media

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What if your podcast fell in the forest and no one was around to hear it? Would it make a sound?

The recent release of the annual WSEM NWLA preview podcast got me curious about the state of social media throughout the wiffleball word, and specifically, the 16 teams competing in the 2014 NWLA Tournament.

When I first wanted to host a national tournament in Washington, DC, one of the things I decided immediately was that I didn’t want to just host a bunch of random pickup teams that come just for the tournament. I wanted to host all stars from official leagues, leagues that existed outside of this tournament, leagues that had websites, and presence, and would have an ongoing organization of which the NWLA tournament was one small part of what they did.

Sure, it sounds a little too Little League World Series, but that’s what I wanted. And, with the exception of a couple of teams, that’s largely what we have here. Leagues that exist for the purpose of having wiffleball in their community for months of weeks every year, and they also send an all-star team to Ohio once a year.

One of the benefits of including leagues is they have a year round (or mostly) social media presence already. This helps build the buzz, the credibility, and raises the stature of the tournament. We’re only as strong as our weakest leagues, at least social media wise. While we can’t all have the #1 ranked website in the country, and we can’t all have the most followers on Facebook and Twitter, (yeah I’m an asshole) we should absolutely use the NWLA tournament as an opportunity to grow wiffleball not only in our hometowns, but across the country.

The NWLA website, the grand connector that allowed us to steal their name and endorsement and run this tournament featuring “recognized” leagues does a great job to connecting us, and allowing us to easily see what other leagues are doing well, or not so well. One of the things we can ALL do better, and I hope the 16 NWLA tournament leagues will start now, is making sure we’re growing our presence on social media. Both for our own leagues, and for the NWLA tournament and NWLA website as a whole.

Here is a snapshot of the Twitter and Facebook followers for the 16 leagues, as well as the NWLA tournament. Let’s help each other out this “Follow Friday” with 1 week to go until Ohio, and help build up our numbers.

If only the results of the tournament would match this list.

League Twitter Followers Facebook Likes
PWL 417 922
WSEM 235 285
KWL 230 285
HRL 245 207
WWL 186 252
SWBL 255 158
NWLA Tournament 241 136
HVWBL 136 232
MWLWI 216 111
HWL 116 159
OCWA 180 65
SRL 84 149
GBL 116 112
MYWL 208 0
MNWA 170 20
TBW 98 0
CWBC 0 0

Numbers as of 2 PM, July 6, 2014

And yeah…CWBC, as cute as you guys are on the website, it’s basically malpractice that you’re not on Facebook and Twitter right?

Let’s get our numbers up, so that next year when Carl Coffee and whoever this new guy Alex Shore is do the podcast, we’ve all got a lot more reach via social media (if it will even still exist in 2015) to spread the word about it.

You can see a complete list of the Facebook and Twitter accounts for each league on the TEAMS page of the NWLA website.

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