Week 1 Preview (Su14): A Change In the Air

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The Summer Season kicks off this Sunday and change is in the air.

We only have 12 teams, the smallest season since Summer 2010. Because the rules don’t even account for the fact that we might have fewer than 16 teams, HALF of the league will make the playoffs this season.

The teams that are here are changing too. Several longstanding teams decided to take the summer off. They promise to return in the Spring, but in the mean time, the stars of many of those franchises have signed up as free agents, or signed one season deals with other teams. We even have a couple of “super” teams that formed of the remnants of all those teams.

We’re also testing out some new technology this season. Switching to GoPro cameras as a test on the complete game recordings. The umpires won’t be mic’d up anymore, even at the risk of losing another classic ball shot audio moment.

And, obviously, with Commissioner Gallaway announcing his retirement after two more seasons, bigger change is coming. And both the Summer and Spring seasons will be spent not only dealing with the current changing dynamics, but also preparing for the future.

What does all this mean? Is summer just not as fun as spring? Or, like the Commissioner, do some of us just need a break? The Barnburners have long said the summer season is more like a fall instructional league, and they’ve never played in one, could that be true? (Never mind the fact that all four of them are actually playing this summer, just for different teams.)

Week 1 might be a sloppy one to start us off, as rain is predicted for Friday and Saturday, and possible for Sunday as well. Make sure you’re following us on twitter (@potomacwiffle) for live status updates or call the Game Information Line at 855-8-WIFFLE about an hour before your game.

Should we dodge the weather, there are at least three interesting games kicking off this interesting Summer Season.

  • Canvassers @ Gumballers: This will be Matt Gagnon’s first time in the PWL without his fellow Moose Knuckles to cheer him on. Will be interesting to watch how he handles being on a team with leaders like Spencer Howard and Kris Garcia. Adding intrigue is that Jim Shannon has agreed to guest play for The Cavassers for week 1 and 2 (will they bat 6?).
  • Janitors @ Wolfpack: Another team formed out of the trip to Ohio, free agent Adriano DeSorrento has merged with Suns Out Guns Out to create the new Wolfpack. Suns Out were always missing an ace, and with Adriano (5-0 v the Janitors), they instantly get that. They face another team that merged last season and saw success. If anyone but Higman can hit for the Janitors, they could prove to be dangerous once again.
  • DC Twits @ I Want My Corners: The defending world champions are back, and have added Superman’s Wheelchair extraordinaire Chris Keeven to the lineup. They are returning with everyone from last year, however only 4 of their starters will be there this week. Few things about this game, following the return of Crawford after nearly throwing out his arm at NWLA, seeing if the staff can remember how to play, and watching Jack Shannon’s emotion in his first game since losing to the Twits.

And, don’t forget to use these helpful links, and click on the button at the bottom of the email to update your player profile on the PWL website. You definitely want the wiffleball world to know about you right?

See you at Gravelly Sunday!

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