Week 5 Preview (Su14): Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes

Written by - Posted 2014-09-05 08:55 in News

One week off seems like an eternity but we’re back at Gravelly this Sunday!

Weather should be great, back down to the high 70’s as the heat wave moves past. Medium level wind from the north though, which means limited home runs.

Just three weeks left and there is a lot to be decided in playoff picture. Since half the teams make it, you’d think playoff spots were getting handed out like sex offender lollipops. But, there is a real possibility that the defending World Champions don’t even make the first round.

We’re also going to test INSTANT REPLAY this week.

Yes…you read that right, INSTANT REPLAY. We’ll have managers challenges, similar to our junior league, the MLB. Commissioner Gallaway strongly opposed moving to instant replay during the pre-season manager’s call, but settled on doing a 1 week test, that will be NON-BINDING, to see how it works. Since we only have one, really bad, camera angle, it’s hard to tell if the camera will provide any conclusive evidence or not. But, we’re going to try it out this week only.

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