POSTSEASON: Playoffs + All Star Game + HR Derby + Awards Dinner (Su14)

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Five of the six playoff teams are set, but 84 games wasn’t enough to pick the final team, we’ll have a one game tiebreaker between the Janitors and Chicken and Wiffle to see who earns the final spot.

Even if you’re not one of those seven teams still in the hunt there are MANY events throughout the postseason for which all players and teams will participate. So mark your calendars now.

  • One Game Tiebreaker
  • Playoffs for 8 Teams (wildcard series, division championship series, world series)
  • Home Run Derby (one participant per team)
  • All Star Game (one participant per team)
  • Champions Dinner (season awards, food on the league)

Please make plans to join us, especially for the final Sunday on October 5 when the wiffleball center of the world is on Gravelly Point and there is free food on the league.


The Janitors and Chicken and Wiffle ended up with 7-7 records and tied for the final wildcard spot. Even though Wiffle beat them during the regular season, they’ll play at 9:30 AM on Sunday, September 28th to determine which team gets the final playoff spot. This game is considered a regular season game for all rules and stats purposes.


The opening round of the playoffs will feature four teams, the three wild card teams and the lowest seeded Division Champion. The top two seeds, #1 Gumballers and #2 Wolfpack get a bye this round. Because you cannot play a team from your same division in this round, and because the DC Twits are the #3 seed, and Chicken and Wiffle are in their division, there are two different scenarios for these series, depending on who wins the tiebreaker.

Sunday, September 28th

If Chicken and Wiffle wins…

  • #5 I Want My Corners at #3 DC Twits
  • #6 Chicken and Wiffle at #4 Canvassers

If Janitors win…

  • #6 Janitors at #3 DC Twits
  • #5 I Want my Corners at #4 Canvassers

Regardless of who wins, the game times are the same for both Wild Card Series:

  • 10:30 AM – Series #1 and #2 Game 1
  • 11:30 AM – Series #1 and #2 Game 2
  • 12:30 PM – Series #1 and #2 Game 3 (if needed)


The Division Championship Series will feature the two winners from the first round facing the #1 and #2 seeds who had byes. We’ll re-seed to make sure the best seed plays the worst seed, this time, regardless of division. It will again be a best of three series.

Sunday, September 28th

DCS #1

  • Game 1 – 2:30 PM – Worst Seed at #1 Gumballers
  • Game 2 – 3:30 PM – #1 Gumballers at Worst Seed
  • Game 3 – 4:30 PM – Worst Seed at #1 Gumballers (if needed)

DCS #2

  • Game 1 – 1:30 PM – Best Seed at #2 Wolfpack
  • Game 2 – 2:30 PM – #2 Wolfpack at Best Seed
  • Game 3 – 3:30 PM – Best Seed at #2 Wolfpack (if needed)


One final Sunday for the Summer Season will wrap everything up.

The World Series will be a best of three games series featuring the winners of the two Division Championship Series.

Sunday, October 5

World Series – Sunday, October 5

  • Game 1 – 11:30 AM
  • Game 2 – 12:30 PM
  • Game 3 – 1:30 PM (if necessary)

The post-season awards presentation, as well as the home run derby and all star game will follow the World Series. Food and drinks for the dinner will be provided by the league. Awards which will be voted on following Week 7 will be handed out.

Each team in the league gets one member each in the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game.

Champions Dinner

  • Dinner Served – 1:00 PM
  • Awards – 1:30 PM

HR Derby

  • Round 1 – 1:45 PM
  • Finals – 2:00 PM

All Star Game

  • Nationals vs Senators – 2:30 PM

If a Game 3 is necessary, subsequent events will be push back until the completion.

All events are open to all fans and league members.

If you are attending the dinner, you must RSVP via our facebook site so that we can have an accurate count for food. It’s good food, and please join us, but give us an accurate count.

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