Season Award Voting Open!

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It’s time to select the 2014 Summer Season Award Winners.

We give out four awards for full season play and an award for Manager of the Year and New Team of the Year. Unlike Player of the Week awards, these winners are kept secret and announced at our annual Champions Dinner which will immediately follow the World Series on Sunday, October 5.

Instead of the nominees being chosen by the Commissioner, all official roster players will get to vote to determine the winners from all eligible players (qualified in the states).


Each player in the league has been emailed instructions on completing their ballot, which is being hosted by Simply Voting. Emails were sent to the address used when the player paid their registration fee. If you did not receive your email notification contact the Commissioner.

For the past seasons we’ve always used BallotBin to conduct these elections. However, the site is not sending out notification emails to voters, and until it’s fixed we’re unable to use it. Simply Voting is a solid replacement, except it costs $200 per election. As a result, this season we’re just going to do one round of voting, rather than selecting nominees and then doing a final vote.

Voting for the awards is being done by ranked pairs voting.


The awards to be voted onare:

  • Most Valuable Player – Wiffleball is an offensive sport, and the five nominees for this award are determined largely by offensive power, though voters should consider overall performance in making their selections.
  • Rookie of the Year – This award is for the Rookie player (defined as a player not eligible for nomination in any prior year’s stats) who had the most impact on the PWL. (3 nominees)
  • Cy Young Award – The Cy Young Award honors the finest pitching performance for the season.
  • Gold Glove Award – This award honors performances in the field. There is one award per position, Pitcher, Catcher and Fielder.
  • Manager of the Year – This award honors the best manager of the year.
  • New Team of the Year – This award goes to the best new team. You can use whatever criteria you want here, none of them made the playoffs.

Every player in the league who qualified for the minimum number of appearances is on the ballot to choose the winners. Ballots are initially sorted based on a single stat performance. MVP and Roookie of the Year by SLG. Cy Young by OBA. Gold Glove by RF. Manager and New Team are randomized by the system on each ballot.

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