Black Smoke: Managers Postpone Commissioner Election

Written by - Posted 2015-04-04 22:34 in News

The managers of the 16 official teams met via conference call last Thursday night to finalize the details of the Spring Season.

In seasonal business, the proposed divisional assignments were approved and managers picked their schedule spots.

Three rules proposals were brought forward on the call. One Hit Wonders proposed raising the pitch speed limit to 30 MPH, it failed 2 votes to 9. The Garbage Plates proposed giving umpires the authority to call a pitch a strike after two no reads if it was slow enough, it failed 1 to 14. The last proposal was not allowing runners to tag up and advance when a catcher catches a fly ball, it failed 6 to 9.

The agenda had called for the election of a Commissioner-Elect, to serve during this season along side Commissioner Gallaway. The managers decided to hold another call in two weeks, on Tuesday, April 21st to hold this election. In the mean time the transition working group that has been meeting is going to meet again.

The first pitch of the Spring Season will be at 10:30 AM on Sunday, April 19th.

Spring Training

It’s been a few months since you’ve swung a wiffleball bat and you need to work out the kinks. Join us at Gravelly for an “optional” Spring Training.

Sunday, April 12
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Gravelly Point Park

We’ll setup a fence, bring a few strike boards and radars for you to practice with, and most importantly, we’ll bring the balls.

We’ll do pickup games, so come by yourself or bring your whole team.

Hope to see you there.

NOTE: Our permit does not allow the league, or “participants” in the league to use Gravelly Point for wiffleball activities outside of our permit time. That means, per the NPS interpretation, that if you and two of your friends just go out and hit a wiffleball around at Gravelly, even if it’s not organized with the league, that they can revoke our permit if it was outside of our authorized times. While mostly this seems like total bullshit and hard to defend on the side of the NPS, please do NOT use Gravelly Point for practice, even in an unofficial manner, outside of scheduled PWL activities.

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