Week 4 Preview (Sp15): Blue Suede Shoes

Written by - Posted 2015-05-08 09:39 in News

We’ve reached the half way point of the Spring Season. Some of you need to start playing better.

There is a 20% chance of rain this Sunday, with an 87 degree high assume even with no rain it’s going to be muggy and sticky. Isn’t this the Spring season still? Wind will be back in double digits, which usually means gusts in the triple digits at Gravelly. Blowing from the south, which generally makes every field a home run field, blue especially. Possible someone hits 91 home runs alone this week to overtake Jack Shannon’s record.

DO YOUR JOB! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself.

TRYOUT FOR NATIONALS – Second week of tryouts of Nationals are at 3:30 this week on the blue field. Have what it takes to be an all star? If you want to go to Ohio and play in either the NWLA Tournament or the London Tournament, email the Commish. Details here

SCORING CORRECTIONS – Now that box scores and game videos are going up you will no doubt feel like you were robbed of a base hit, or unjustly assigned an error as you review the tapes. If there are any corrections needed for the scoring, or if you aren’t sure, and would like the issue reviewed, please contact the Commissioner. Corrections must be made by the Saturday following the games at 11:59 PM. You MUST submit the youtube link to the game, as well as the time (minutes and seconds) where the play occurs you’re challenging or it will not be reviewed. Please note, we definitely want to get corrections (wrong players, incorrect coding, etc), but if you complain about things that are judgment calls, like a hit or an error, it will still be reviewed, but you will be mocked online.

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