Week 5 Preview (Sp15): If I Can Dream

Written by - Posted 2015-05-14 22:49 in News

One of the six teams for the postseason has been set as the Barnburners clinched their division, but there is plenty of wiffleball left to be played. Next Sunday is an off week for Memorial Day, so make sure you get your wiffleball fix this weekend so you don’t go three full weeks without plastic action.

Even with ten teams at least having shots at the playoffs, there isn’t much in terms of important games this week. Canvassers and Gumballers will battle for the East, but the loser is likely a wildcard anyway. Master Batters and Chicken and Wiffle matchup could matter if we didn’t know they’ll both just shit the bed later. The real fireworks come Week 6, including Besley Bashers and Garbage Plates, who will both likely still be winless at that time, playing for who gets the winless season. Maybe it ends in a tie.

There is a 50% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We will try to get all the games in as long as it’s safe so please make sure you head to the fields on time. Single digit wind again, so we for sure want to play. Make sure you’re following us on twitter (@potomacwiffle) for live status updates or call the Game Information Line at 855-8-WIFFLE about an hour before your game.

DO YOUR JOB! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself.

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