Nationals Regional Roster

Written by - Posted 2015-05-18 00:16 in News

The PWL All Star team heading to the NWLA tournament will be the PWL Nationals. The team is guaranteed a spot in the National Tournament in Columbus because of a top 8 finish in 2014, but the Regional Round is still required.

The PWL will play in the St. Louis Regional Sunday, June 7th, the same week as the final week of the Spring 2015 season.

All four members of the #1 Nationally Ranked Blandsford Barnburners will play on the Regional Roster.

The PWL Roster will be:

  • Jack Shannon
  • Jim Shannon
  • Stephen Crawford
  • Kevin Higman
  • Spencer Howard
  • Andrew Flowers
  • Colin Gannon
  • Ty Fletcher

Commissioner Gallaway manages the team. The roster for the Regional can be changed 6 times before the Nationals.

“There will 100% for sure be changes between the regional and national rounds”, Gallaway said. “Our biggest issue is pitching, and we will use the regionals to work out our final pitching rotation.”

Summer 2014 MVP Nick West, and three time NWLA roster member Matt Gagnon are on the short list for potential national roster replacements.

Several regional choices were altered because players needed to stay in DC for Week 7 games.

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