Week 7 Preview (Sp15): Happy Ending

Written by - Posted 2015-06-05 00:46 in News

The last week of 20th season is here. End of a era.

While we will say goodbye to 10 teams who won’t make the playoffs, EVERYONE should plan to join us for what will be an amazing final Sunday on June 21st. Details will be announced soon, but the traditional awards dinner (free food), all star game and home run derby will be supplemented with some can’t miss events. Make plans NOW to attend.

Four of the six playoff teams are set, but the final two spots, and the overall seeding is still up for grabs. The coveted #1 seed with a first round bye belongs to the Barnburners, but who will get the 2nd bye, and also avoid the Barnburners until the World Series?

Commissioner Gallaway, along with seven of the PWL’s all stars will be in St. Louis representing the league in the regional round of the NWLA tournament. Deputy Commissioner Hudson will have the airhorn. It should be an amazing 78 degrees with no chance of rain. Will be a little windy, and 10 MPH from the ESE, which means 40 MPH at Gravelly.

Speaking of the Commissioner, don’t forget he’s doing an Ask Me Anything before he steps down and you can submit questions. Do it by Monday!

EXTRA DAY TO VOTE! – Don’t forget to do two things this week, and every week. Vote for Player of the Week and nominate a nice defensive play for a Webgem. And yes, on Webgems, don’t be embarrassed about nominating yourself. The POTW voting went up late this week, so you have until NOON ON SATURDAY to vote.

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