PWL Dominates St Louis, Except Colin

Written by - Posted 2015-07-06 13:27 in News

Commissioner Gallaway and seven PWL all stars missed the final week of the regular season destined for even greater glory at the NWLA Regional tournament in St. Louis, MO.

PWL was a top 8 finisher at the 2014 NWLA Tournament in Ohio, so was guaranteed a return trip, but was required to play at regionals.

A few roster changes were made from the previous tournament, including adding the entire Barnburner squad. That brought mixed results as Ty Fletcher bought himself a National roster spot, while pitching hopeful Colin Gannon remained hopeful.

Despite Gannon’s inability to hit the board resulting in an opening game loss, PWL dominated the next three games, going 3-1 in the Regional.

The team lead the country in hitting after the regional round.

Commissioner Gallaway didn’t arrive until late the night before, coming from the previous day’s regional, so the team was on it’s own for social activities Saturday night. Fortunately Stephen Crawford was able to babysit the Barnburners on trips to the arch and casino.

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