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We’re back!

We will have wiffleball this Sunday at our new digs at the Royal Order of the Moose in Springfield, VA.

You can also see just your teams complete schedule on the teams page.

As his way of apologizing for the way this season has kicked off former Commissioner Gallaway has hired some of the lodge folks to grill burgers, dogs and serve beer, all on the house. Since there are three games to cover whenever possible we are going to try put teams on whatever field is available when both teams are so be ready for that.

The Governor of the Moose and the club manager will be both stopping by the fields Sunday so let’s be sure to pick up all of our trash and be friendly to any folks that come over. They’ve been great to work with and we’d like to keep this going so leave your beer at home (it’s free this week remember), pick up your trash and pretend you’re meeting the future in laws.

Commissioner Hudson is making an undoubtedly futile effort this week to get rid of his pasty complexion so Stephen Crawford and Michael Burns will be serving as deputy Commissioners Sunday.

Check the Fields page on the site for more info:

Loyal Order of Moose
Franconia Lodge
7701 Beulah St
Alexandria VA 22315

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