Around the League: Week 2 Recap (Su2015)

Written by - Posted 2015-09-16 10:53 in News

These posts are written by league members throughout the season.

Week 2 and location two of the Summer season are in the books, let’s see how things went down at the Royal Order of the Moose.

- DC Twits, playing without franchise stalwarts Hudson and Crawford, went 3-0 on the day including a sweep of the Jackhammer’s Cy Young duo. They are 5-0 with a run differential of somehow only +7 but had a huge day towards securing a playoff berth.

- Wolfpack showed unexpected amounts of power on a day where not many balls were leaving the yard. Adding that to repertoire have them as the team to beat so far but let’s see how they fare this week against tougher foes.

- Garbage Plates and Janitors both needed scorekeepers to sub to play their games and promptly got involved in a 21 hit, 3 run, 10 inning marathon to keep everyone from watching the NFL. Learn how to take the extra base guys.

- New look Circle Jerks started to show some cracks in their two losses with hilariously slow base
running, premature home run calls and a general lack of discipline as team overlord John Hamlett was laid up in bed crying because someone stole the last of his protein. Your team needs you John, come back soon.

Big thanks to former Commissioner Gallaway for buying lunch and beers this week. We’ll have some info on what we are doing moving forward with food and drink but we definitely can’t bring our own booze to the lodge. Thanks to everyone who helped with the fields, scoring and generally making a great first impression with the lodge folks, they seem to be happy to have us.

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